Guide: How to Prepare for a long Gaming Session or game release


As many of you know, Defiance is set to officially release tomorrow. As such, you might want to prepare a bit. By prepare, I mean get the items you will need to have at hand to do a long game session. If you are in pretty good shape, you can ignore some of the things, however this is an all inclusive guide. 

Here are our suggestions;

Keep Hydrated

This means water or juice. Not soda, Green Tea, nor Energy Drinks. Those 3 tend to contain caffeine which will make you pee. Pee means breaks, which you might not want. It also can mean sugar, which is a false energy rush, which will make you more drowsy after it starts to wear off. Continue reading "Guide: How to Prepare for a long Gaming Session or game release"

The Elder Scrolls Online: Leaked Videos

Every instance of leaked videos, has thus far been taken down due to copyright infringement or from breaking the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) since I haven't signed one of those, I am going to go ahead and share these 3 videos which were found for the game.