Daily Archives: 2 April 2013

WoW: Farclip & Fly addon and macro

Some people use hacks to do the same thing you can do with this addon. Game hacks are detectable and can get you banned easily when detected. Addons on the other hand are harder to detect, but can still be

Defiance for $45

This is a limited special, but thought that someone might be interested anyways... Defiance can be purchased at Amazon for about $60... or a new one for $40 + $5 shipping here. Alternatively, Cost Captain (never heard of them) offers

Path of Exile: Transfer items from hardcore to default league

This is probably intended, but some people might not know this. It's possible to transfer items in the Hardcore league to the default league. Unfortunately, it's a 1-way trip however. You cannot currently transfer items to the Hardcore league from