Daily Archives: 8 April 2013

Diablo 3: 99% Discount on purchasing items off the AH

This allows you to buy auctions for bare minimum. However, this ONLY works on items which are listed as a group. IE gems, tome of secrets, etc. Will not work on auction style items (armor / weapons).

God Hates Lag!

Saw this, had to share it! Why? Because not only does God hate lag, but so do all MMO players. It's bad enough when the other guy is better at you in PvP, but when you're 10 levels higher, better,

WoW: Nether Tempest 100% Crit

There is a way to nova someone as a Frost mage in PvP them cause the game to crit Nether Tempest on them every time, when the nova breaks. Sadly this does not work for Fire mages.