Daily Archives: 18 April 2013

WoW: Gold Tip – Items no longer available

As it turns out, when Cataclysm was released, a few items became unavailable. They weren't removed from the game, they simply weren't being added anymore. These items are now worth as much as 10k gold. All you need to do,

Newsletter April 2013: ISBoxer Key Give-Away + Battle.net name changes

It's been a few months since my last newsletter, but there are a few games out now or upon the horizon which should interest you lot. As always, WoW is a hot subject and we have posted several cheats over

PoE: 2-H Marauder Axe Build

A 1-H Axe does the highest DPS in the game. Using 2 at the same time blows away 2Handed weapons with a few exceptions like Double Strike. Does 2x Axe have better DPS at endgame with passives like Adder’s Touch