Dragon Nest: How to get a Perma Mount for Free


In Dragon Nest, mounts are not really needed for most players, rather they tend to be vanity items. Mounts can only be used in towns and nearby vicinities. It is possible to run faster in a town, but you can also use the teleport service offered by town guards. Mounts are not available for use in dungeons, so again, not really functional. It does however, look really cool to be in a horseback when you're just standing around chatting up your friends. Continue reading "Dragon Nest: How to get a Perma Mount for Free"

ISBoxer 30 Day Time Code Give-Away


In order to get 30 days of time for ISBoxer, you will need to respond in the comments section with the code below. Only the first person to respond with the correct code wins - please use a valid email. If you have not already done so, you can Like our Facebook page which will also give you an alert when we give one away, and allow you to gain one through Facebook as well.

In order to win, you will need to have a valid Lavish account name. So make sure to register one after you comment, to claim your prize. I will email you, and ask for that Lavish account name, then will gift you the code.

DO use the same email account which you registered on the site with, as I will check to ensure you are a current VIP member.

Please make sure you enter in the entire code (copy and paste it if need be). Otherwise the next person to respond with the correct code gets it.

The comments will NOT be visible, but the first one to enter the correct code get's the prize. I may take upto 24 hours to respond, but I will close comments once I have verified the legitimacy of the code AND the receiver responds via email. I will give the person 24 hours to respond via email. Returned emails, will give the next person with the correct code to leave a comment the opportunity to win.

One win per person, per 30 days only. If you miss this one, you can have another chance in another few days. We will give away more on this site AND on Facebook, over the next couple months.

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I reserve the right to cancel or change the give-away at any time, for any reason.

Defiance Guru: Weapons and Mods

Every weapon, and every mod for those weapons, is available in the Defiance Guru Weapons and Mods guide. Learn about the weapons themselves, the pros and cons of each of them, and then learn how to mode them, or even which you should salvage. Continue reading "Defiance Guru: Weapons and Mods"