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Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

Full Downloads: Argon's Leveling Guide • Eleos Leveling Guide • Velik's Tera Leveling Guide This isn't a cheat, just something you can get, if you missed this quest chain because you were botting, or wanted to level faster. At level

Starcraft 2: Shokz Guide & Video Guide Sale

Shokz Guide Sale Heart of the Swarm has been out for a little over a month and since its release the staff at Shokz has been working on adding new Heart of the Swarm strategies, guides, builds, and videos to

Defiance: Beginners Weapons Modding Guide

This will give you a short overview to weapon modding which you will have to do at some point in the game. The reason you will need to mod your weapons is to make sure they are powerful enough later