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WoW: Fast Battlefield Barrens Weekly Quest

In order to do the Battlefield: Barrens weekly quest, you need to collect 150 each of Kor'kron Stone, Meat, Lumber, and Oil. This guide will teach you where to go, what to hunt, and what to avoid so that you

Neverwinter: PvP Tips for Great Weapon Fighter

This is just a quick tip for Great Weapon Fighter's who like to do PvP. It has to do with Altar's and praying, and can help to decide who wins the battle. Remember in PvP you can drop your altars

FREE ISBoxer Keys for Members

It's been a few days since I released an InnerSpace or ISBoxer key, which can be used for 30 days of free usage. Well that's not true, I released one on our Facebook page about 4.5 hours ago, for the

Defiance: Mine 99 Speedrun Guide

Mine 99 is a game location or Dungeon found in Marin. This location shouldn't be confused with the co-op map The Motherlode also called Mine 99. You can see it's location on the map above. Port to Muir Processing and

Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter Invulnerability exploit

This exploit makes you invulnerable for a duration of 5 seconds, which can be repeated as needed. You can attack while doing this and use your abilities, but it drops aggro.

Neverwinter: Botting PvP

Someone asked on the Facebook page about the spending of Glory to make gold, figured it wasn't worth it. Well what if you could do it AFK? It's possible, but will take a bit of modification from you. First, take

League of Legends: Proof of Drop Hack being used to win games

From the exploit side of things, I am amazed. This is a great cheat which someone figured out how to use to their advantage. On the PvP aspect, this plain sucks. This is the proof that the hack does exist.

WoW: Get on top of Brawl’gar Zeppelin without Rank 8

If you aren't rank 8, you can still get on top of the Zeppelin, with a bit of exploration. It means leaving the match and your team without an extra man and likely loss. You will be able to purchase

Neverwinter: Easy way to make Gold with PvP

There is a really simple way to make gold with PvP. We'll show you how to get 7 gold in your pocket from this vendor trick.

WoW Gold Tip: Making a profit with Windwool Cloth

Buying Panda blues from the Auction House will make entering Pandaria easier. However, oft it's easier and cheaper to create Windwool gear with your tailor. You can get your caster alts fully decked in rares and while at it, make

Neverwinter: Change your Field of View

This is just a little script to allow you to change your Field of View within the game, using some in-game commands.

Neverwinter Full Command Line List

This is the Neverwinter Full Command Line List which is available within the game. At the time of writing, all of these were available within the game, they might not be at a later date. However usage of these commands

Neverwinter: First Fully Working Bot

The guys over at MMOViper have released a working bot for Neverwinter. It will patrol, loot, kill and a few other things. It all comes with a working maphack, which I have been told works with PvP. Check out the

Defiance: BMG Power Leveling Guide

As part of the pursuit “Stout tactics III” and ultimately for those wanting to reach 5000 EGO rating at all cost, you will need to level your BMG’s ( Bio-Magnetic Guns ). In order to do so, you will need

Neverwinter: Unlimited Teleports with Mage or Wizard Game Hack

This game hack allows your mage or wizard to teleport as often as you want, the resource doesn´t get used up. If you're worried that this might be a keylogger or trojan, don't be. We include the source code (for

Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Hitman Pro Sale – 5 days ONLY

A couple weeks ago, I switched from Avast AntiVirus, Comodo Firewall, and Spybot Search & Destroy over to Emsisoft's AntiMalware and Online Armor after reading about some independent studies which showed that Avast was no longer top dog as far

Free Innerspace – ISBoxer Key

Hey all, I posted this on our Facebook page, but no one has claimed it yet, so here you go, it's a free 30 day key to ISBoxer or InnerSpace. If you missed this one, keep checking back, as we

WoW: PQR Spell Rotation Script with Hotkey Support

Created by Xelper PQR is a script designed to perform complex DPS, healing and tanking rotations for the player. It was mainly designed to reduce the tediousness of performing a complex rotation for hours on end, which for many can

Defiance: Infector Perks & Modification Guide

I really love Infectors. I’ve seen people running around using them in a “pull the trigger and they will die” fashion, and while that style works for most guns, Infectors can be tricky sometimes. Some people don’t really know how

Tools: Whats the safest Browser in terms of Security?

Years ago, Internet Explorer was the worst Browser to have. It was garbage compared to the other guys. Netscape popped up and suddenly, we could do a lot more with the web. This of course was when for the most