Daily Archives: 19 June 2013

WoW: Get Under Isle of Thunder

You can use this for exploration/trolling, or for easier farming (you will need at least one person to loot chests/mobs why the rest of you kill from afar) of the Isle of Thunder. Requirements Level 90 Quest that turns you

Free Torchlight Game – Legit Download

This is a limited time offer, and I suggest you get in on this NOW! Torchlight is free, for a limited time - possibly only the next day or so. What is it? Think of it as a Diablo 2

Path of Exile: Tool – Auto Close PoE when about to die

Credit to Dragonef22 for the creation of this program Chicken Hack is a tool which reads the memory of Path of Exile and based on the value you choose, will automatically close the game window. So if you're health is