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Marvel Heroes – SHIELD Guide – don’t buy it!

The things I do for you guys! Some site owners find other people's posts of a guide and then share it with their members... I just buy the damned things. So here's what I found with the Marvel Heroes' S.H.I.E.L.D.

X-Box 360: Live Headset Headphone Microphone – cheap

This is only a daily deal, but as I am sure many of you PC Gamers are also likely console gamers, I had to give this one a share. There is a daily deal over at Dailyly Deals, for only

Marvel Heroes: Large Compilation of Various tips & tricks

Everyone has their own tips, and these are just some of the ones collected all over the net for Marvel Heroes, and cover just about any subject within the game. WARNING! This is a LOT of tips. Clicking the link