Daily Archives: 24 June 2013

WoW: Second Heroic Deeds Scenario Quest exploit

The moment you hit ilvl 480 you are able to take a Quest that sends you to complete a Heroic Scenario. After completing the Quest you get a random 516 ilvl Item. The first time you do this quest, might

Daily Deal: 9” Android 4.1 Tablet, 8gb, Stylus, Camera – $99

This is a daily deal, and the sale ends tonight. What makes this special isn't just the $99 sale price, but also the fact that it's got Android 4.1 and an 8GB HD. For this price, you would normally be

WoW: Unconfirmed Major Loot Bug

As I said, this is not confirmed, but it seems that it might be possible to hit the gold cap, with this bug. This needs some testing and reporting by our members.