Daily Archives: 25 June 2013

Marvel Heroes: Missions for your Hero Alt

In most cases, if you attempt to do the same mission you completed on your main, but on an alt, you won't get the same reward. This list, is a compilation of most of the missions which you can do

Daily Deal: New Kingston 32GB Micro SD Card with Adapter

I am not sure when this one is going to end, but it's a super discounted 32gb Micro SD card, which you can use to expand your phone, tablet, camera, or other electronic device. The nice thing about this (besides

Rift: 20 Extra Item Slots tip

This isn't an exploit, but it could save you a bit of money if you don't know about this trick already. It will gain you upto 20 additional slots for items in your carryable inventory. This in turn means you