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Marvel Heroes – SHIELD Guide – don’t buy it!

The things I do for you guys! Some site owners find other people's posts of a guide and then share it with their members... I just buy the damned things. So here's what I found with the Marvel Heroes' S.H.I.E.L.D.

X-Box 360: Live Headset Headphone Microphone – cheap

This is only a daily deal, but as I am sure many of you PC Gamers are also likely console gamers, I had to give this one a share. There is a daily deal over at Dailyly Deals, for only

Marvel Heroes: Large Compilation of Various tips & tricks

Everyone has their own tips, and these are just some of the ones collected all over the net for Marvel Heroes, and cover just about any subject within the game. WARNING! This is a LOT of tips. Clicking the link

WoW: Gold Farming Ghost Iron spot – upto 6k per hour

There are a lot of different ways you can farm gold, and this is just one more way to do it. In this method, you will circle a cave and collect Ghost Iron which you can then sell for easy

What was your first Video Game?

For me, it was a long time ago. I remember an instance of going with my dad to his work and playing Tetris while I waited for him on a Saturday with no one else in the office. It had

Defiance: Perks List and Builds Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about every Ego power, ability, and suggested loadouts (builds) for each class. It will teach you a little more then any standard guide can teach you about the Ego system

Marvel Heroes: Waypoint Level List

written by Rotgor This will show you which areas to quest in, to level up and which areas you should be playing when you are the shown level. If you find anything which isn't correct, please comment below with the

WoW: Horde Only – Get past BG Gates in Deepwind Gorge early

This is for Horde only, but will allow you to skip past the gates in the Deepwind Gorge battleground, prior to the game starting. We highly suggest NOT capping any mines till the game starts to avoid it being fixed

Play games, Win Tournaments, Win Real Money

If you have ever wanted to test your mettle against another player, then you might have thought about getting into tournaments, but didn't know where to start, nor if your ranking was really that good? Well, now you can join

WoW: Get Under Isle of Thunder

You can use this for exploration/trolling, or for easier farming (you will need at least one person to loot chests/mobs why the rest of you kill from afar) of the Isle of Thunder. Requirements Level 90 Quest that turns you

Free Torchlight Game – Legit Download

This is a limited time offer, and I suggest you get in on this NOW! Torchlight is free, for a limited time - possibly only the next day or so. What is it? Think of it as a Diablo 2

Path of Exile: Tool – Auto Close PoE when about to die

Credit to Dragonef22 for the creation of this program Chicken Hack is a tool which reads the memory of Path of Exile and based on the value you choose, will automatically close the game window. So if you're health is

WoW: Coolfish Fishing Bot

Coolfish is a standard Fish Bot for World of Warcraft. It is slightly more feature rich then other Fish bots, due to using an EndScene hook plus LUA scripting functions. CoolFish Features: Full Background mode Fishing standing still in any

Free Server Hosted VoIP for Small Groups

Usually when I play with my friends and we voice chat, its a small set of us which play. It's usually 3-4 core friends, with the guild. While this post isn't really aimed at the players who need voice chat

WoW: LOS the Rushing Winds ability in Throne of Thunder

This is specifically on the second phase (Quet'zal, the Stormcaller) and its focusing on his Rushing Winds ability. There is a way to hide/LOS (Line of Sight), to avoid the attacks. Iron Qon is the tenth boss inside the Throne

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric’s Mechanic Guide

A lot of guides out on the Devoted Cleric are supposition, and have no real hard facts to them, they use a lot of guesswork, to make their guides. To a hardcore player, this isn't enough, which is why this

WoW: Realm Phase Farming Rare Spawns & Items trick

Kill Krol the Blade 5 times in 20 minutes. Get the BOA items for Lost and Found every time. Go to a location for an item just by queueing to different realms!! Now we are going to share with you,

Neverwinter: Server-Side Nude Character Exploit

Amazingly, this isn't a game hack, but rather an exploit to give your character a topless appearance. Your character will be able to run around topless, and have others see the effect.

Rift: Auction House Listing Tip

Are you having trouble listing items on the Auction House, even though you have more then enough supposed loyalty to list items? They say you need 1500 Loyalty. I ran into this problem, with my 130k loyalty. Couldn't list any

Battle Pirates: Base Design templates

If you have been following this web site over the last couple years, then you know I dabbled in base design. At the time, the only thing I could use for reference was a friend's or once in a while

DC Universe Online vs Marvel Heroes Online

The world only seems big enough for one Super Hero MMO. I wonder what would happen if they joined forces? Well first they fight to see who really is the strongest, fastest, smartest... followed by super alien invasions and some