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FFXIV: Clear Blacklist AutoIt Script

Clearing your blacklist is essential, as once you hit the 200 mark, you can't add anymore to the list. However, clearing that list is a pain in the arse to do it manually. This script will do it for you.

WoW: Easy Sha Crystal Farming 20-25 per hour

Who would have thought, that farming Sha Crystals, would be so easy. There is an amazing trick which will allow for your skilled 600 Enchanter to farm these things, using game mechanics to your advantage. Imagine gaining 20-25 Sha Crystals

LOL: 50+ Tips To Become A Better ADC

Here are over 50 tips, which will help you to learn to be a better ADC in League of Legends. These were written by a Diamond League player specifically to help those below him. Questions, comments, and additional tips are

WoW: Elixir of Ancient Knowledge farming

Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, has a 9% drop chance off of Krol the Blade. We are going to farm these potions so you can use them to powerlevel some alts. Some people have reported gaining as many as 3 of them

VPN Services That Take Your Anonymity Seriously, 2013 Edition

More than a year ago TorrentFreak took a look at a selection of the web’s VPN providers to see which ones really take privacy seriously. During the months that followed they received dozens of emails begging them to carry out

Remote Chat Client for WoW Botters

APPLICATION: ChatCraft v0.9 STATUS: BETA VERSION This project is currently released as a beta-version and has only been tested on the ENGLISH version of WoW! This means that it is currently being tested and the whole community is invited to

WoW: 5x Run Speed exploit

It's now possible to use a cheat to increase your run speed to 520% of normal. Requirements are being able to goto Timeless Isle, kill elite mobs, being at least level 85, AND having a higher level friend on another

Women of Comicon 2013 – 62 Images

Today, we're bringing you the ladies of Comicon 2013, and we have gathered a few images from various sources, to present them to you. A few of the pictures also have some guys in them, we didn't crop them all

FFXIV: Guild Quests Fishing Guide 1-50

This information was borrowed from MMOViper's FFXIV Bot's support forum. It will teach you where to go for which guild quests, and what you need to complete them, for your fishing, including the best bait to use.

Rift: Soul Recall on Cooldown? Don’t buy a portal generator

There is a simple trick, which will let you recall to the nearest large city, meaning either Sanctum or Meridian (depending on your faction/level) or Tempest Bay. This trick means you don't have to waste credits in the Rift Store

Neverwinter: Control Wizard Oppressor PvP Guide

I would like to share some knowledge on the oppressor PvP build. It's a tree that I enjoy a lot for this particular part of the game. I will not go in depth of analysis of every wizard encounter and

FFXIV: Earn upto 90 gil per second

First off, this is not worth doing manually, and would only be beneficial if done by using a macro or editing the packets. It has to do with a holiday event item which you get and then sell.

WoW: Auto Prospect, Mill, Disenchant, and Open Lockboxes tool

BIMStools is a free program for WoW, designed to automatically Prospect ores, Mill herbs, Disenchant Uncommon, Rare and Epic items and Open Lockboxes. The program is perfect for players who do a lot of processing resources.

WoW: Down any mob on Timeless Isle in mere seconds as caster

Last night after being up for a few hours, I found a shrine, then clicked it, which increased my Haste, Mastery, and Crit by 25% for 1 hour. I decided to try using the other abilities that drop, such as:

Rift: Using Instant Adventure to your advantage

Rift now allows for you to join with others in Instant Adventure, across shards. At many times you actually temporarily transfer to their realm. So this leads us to some possible exploits.

Hearthstone: Playing a Counterfeit Deck

A Counterfeit Deck for Hearthstone isn't a normal deck. Instead what it does is forces your opponent to draw cards, with a full deck. This in turn causes your opponent to burn up potentially good cards. Check out the video

Farmville 2 – game hack: Buy Unlimited Solo for Free

In order to do this hack, you are going to need to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, and use Cheat Engine. We aren't providing you a trainer which could be used to hack you. Instead we are going

LoL: How to Improve Faster guide

If I had to choose one piece of advice to turn an average or below average LoL player to become a platinum or diamond level player, what would it be? Maybe warding more is the answer? Maybe I could tell

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric PvP Guide & Build

My current build is for max AoE heals / buffs / debuffs. I’ve found that it’s super hard to single target heal and it’s easier to just drop AoE’s and stay mobile rather than kiting enemies and being kited by

WoW: Redirect Threat to Pet for upto 30 Seconds

Normally when you play a hunter in WoW, Misdirection will transfer the threat you generate for 4 seconds to your pet, after your first damaging ability. With this exploit, you can transfer all your threat for up to 30 seconds.

WoW: Mind Control peeps on Timeless Isle – Easy Kills

There are so many uses for Mind Control on the Timeless Isle (make people drop off cliffs or aggro mobs etc). The best one though is mind-controlling people during the Pirate Ship event, causing them to burn to death. This