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Rift: Mean Trick for Autumnal Harvest

This trick, will cause people to waste their potions of artifact finding. You need to have collected quite a few artifact collections to do this. Un-summon any pets, then run into a bush, stand next to a tree or a

Path of Exile: Beginner Farming Guide

In Path of Exile, once you level up, or even while you are leveling, you are going to want to farm better gears. This guide will teach you what you need to know to start farming more efficiently. If you

Path of Exile: Rare Exalted items for less

There’s only a one in 500 chance that you will get an extremely rare Exalted item with this method. But that chance might be well worth it for some. Especially considering the amount of items we drop on a regular

FFXIV: Bonus yield on Wind Shard every time with AHK Script

By abusing a static spawn point, you can get a bonus gather on a level 30 Mature Tree which yields Grade 2 catalysts, Wind Shards, and Green Pigment. Normally, you need a Wind resistance higher than 119. Then every gathering

FFXIV for 13.97 GPB Through Friday (UK Only)

Just a little Heads Up, Greenman Gaming, is offering 25% off FFXIV ARR both the normal and deluxe editions. You must be in the UK to get this deal (or maybe use a UK IP?)

ESO: Preparing for the Gold Rush Sugestions and Tips

My horse has new shoes, my bags are packed, my provisions are in place, my wagon is loaded. I am headed to the land of Tamriel. It's not a new land, but it is going to be in an MMO

Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level

In Path of Exile, each map has a fixed monster level which you can see on the top right corner of the screen when you press Tab. The monster level in the map you are playing, sets many things including

GTAV Online: Mod and Save Police Sheriff SUV to your Garage

If you have a bit of experience, it's possible to steal a Police SUV then mod it at a shop, allowing you to save it in your player garage. It's not for everyone though, and at lower levels a bit

Tool: TeamSpeak 3 For Android Full Download APK

With a client rebuilt from scratch the programmers of TeamSpeak 3 bring you the ultimate TeamSpeak feeling to your Android device. Many client and admin features have been implemented to give users the best TeamSpeak experience ever on Android.

Security: How safe is TOR?

When you think about internet security, your first thought should be your own computer's software such as firewall and anti-malware. But what if you want to visit a site with anonymity? Often people will turn to TOR, which is an

PoE: Maximize your Revenue Exchange

There are many Path of Exile recipes. Some are awesome, most are not. However, there are a few which are easy and often produce more valuable currency. I don't have a huge stash of items in multiple tabs. IMHO it's

Rift: Speedlevel 30-50 in 4 hours guide

Today, I worked with a friend, and we leveled my alt from 35-45 in 2 hours. He does this run with a lot of people, so he knows the ins and out of this particular speedlevel run. This, was a

Elder Scrolls Online: Binary Files

The following list will allow you to install the Elder Scrolls Online Beta files along with some patches. You will not be able to login (unless you have an account), merely to install. These are useful if you want to

Rift: How to Raise Loyalty, without paying cash for it

You won't pay cash... but you might pay Platinum. Before you do this, make sure you want to spend a bit of plat on this method. For me to go from Purple to Orange, will cost me about 6500 Plat.

ESO: Remove your login information from screenshots & videos

Here is an open-source watermark removal patcher. It removes your account name from the screen, so you can safely share screenshots and videos with the world.

Rift: Close X quantity of rifts which would grant experience cheat

I found a nifty cheat which allows me to close as many rifts as I need, extremely quickly, and still get the Requirement which states you need to close those which would grant experience. I can close a rift in

GW2: Thief Solo Leveling Build

Thief Builds are fairly common these days. There are specialty builds for just about every profession, and every type of play you can imagine.There are plenty of PvE and PvP builds, but those focus on when you hit the level

Rift: Autumn Harvest Guild Leveling Trick

Unbeknownst to some, leveling your guild during the Autumn Harvest is easier then at any other time of the year with this trick.  

PoE: 10 Pro Leveling Tips

If you haven't heard, tomorrow - October 23, 2013, Path of Exile will officially be released. It will go from Beta, to Gold and have some added features added to the game (read notes). Now I have looked around, and

Rift: Armored Reaper Mount in 3 days, no cost

During the Rift event, Autumn Harvest - it's possible to get the Armored Reaper mount, at no cost to you, other then a bit of time farming what you need. Best of all, someone who is dedicated should be able to

GW2: Warrior Leveling Build

It's been a while since we've put up any kind of a build for GuildWars 2. Today, we present you with a simple leveling build. Now it's true that you can simply level with crafting, and forget all the content.