Daily Archives: 1 October 2013

Neverwinter: OP Control Wizard Pure Damage Build & Guide

This build, is what's commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” build. This means that it outputs high amounts of DPS, but can't really take much damage in turn. Its for those, who can dodge red circles and stay away

Battlefield 4 & Battlefield 4 Premium Giveaway

FYI: The guys over at Hypernia are giving away some copies of Battlefield 4 & Battlefield 4 Premium! Hypernia will be choosing one (1) lucky grand prize winner to receive a copy of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 Premium! In addition

WoW: Easy Achievement – [Gamon Will Save Us!]

There is an easy way to get the achievement, Gamon will save us!. It works in any difficulty including normal and hardcore. Its a simple trick, but it's guaranteed to get you the achievement.