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Final Fantasy XIV-ARR: 1-50 Leveling & Gil Guide

This Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide can help you out. Learn how to level 1-50 in 7 days, get serious equipment upgrades, and learn how to farm Gil like a pro. Written and updated to include the latest

Starcraft 2: Shokz Guide Sale – 48 Hours Only 1/2 Price

Due to Blizzard selling on sale Starcraft 2, Shokz' Starcraft 2 Guide is also going on sale. Shokz will be on sale for the next 48 hours, at a price of only $17. Normally the price of these guides are

Starcraft 2: Defending as Terran against Zerg 6 Pool Rush

A video guide by Shokz, explaining how to defend against a Zerg's 6 Pool Rush, when playing as Terran. The key is always to scout and know what your enemy is starting with, but watch this video guide from Shokz