Daily Archives: 18 October 2013

ESO: Character Creation Video Tutorial

Yesterday, I received an email alert foretelling the new character creation options in Elder Scrolls Online. Its actually very similar to some of the other games out there, but will be impressive to anyone who hasn't seen this kind of

FFXIV: No Macro, Anti-Logout

It's annoying when you get logged out, when you need to afk for 10-15 minutes, only to come back and find yourself logged out, and having to sit in a server queue again. This little trick will prevent that.

Rift: Easy 15 Platinum each Character, in 5 minutes

This is an easy way to earn 15 plat every day on every character, in a matter of minutes if you have the portals to and from Ashora. You will only need to check the AH, buy some items, and