FarmVille 2: Tell Neighbors What You Need trick


We know that in FV2, your neighbors act like farmhands – they work the SQUARE your neighbor clicks on – not what’s on it. So you can get tens or hundreds of 24-hour crops (carrots, sunflowers, strawberries) in MINUTES using NO WATER if all your neighbors act on the same five squares. Use this trick, to tell them where and what to do, instead. Continue reading "FarmVille 2: Tell Neighbors What You Need trick"

Games: Then & Now – An Image Gallery

Today, we're going to take a look at some of the games, which have both a past and present version. Some of these started out as side scrollers, some as rudimentary 3d - first person shooters, and others as top down view games. Over the years they have been re-invented, and redone, so that the older versions are hardly even recognizable, but it's still good to know where the games you play now, came from. Continue reading "Games: Then & Now – An Image Gallery"

EQ2: Level 1-95 without paying for expansions


In Everquest 2 player who pay, can get to 95. Non-Payers can only get to 92. This cheat allows you get to level 95, costing nothing, and having your character maxed out prior to the expansion release. Continue reading "EQ2: Level 1-95 without paying for expansions"