Rift: Mean Trick for Autumnal Harvest

Rift-Form-of-the-AntiquarianThis trick, will cause people to waste their potions of artifact finding. You need to have collected quite a few artifact collections to do this.

Un-summon any pets, then run into a bush, stand next to a tree or a log, then use Form of the Antiquarian. This will make you look like an artifact. It's best to use this out of view of the normal path, but people who are hunting artifacts will see it, since they look around for artifacts more. Continue reading "Rift: Mean Trick for Autumnal Harvest"

Path of Exile: Beginner Farming Guide

In Path of Exile, once you level up, or even while you are leveling, you are going to want to farm better gears. This guide will teach you what you need to know to start farming more efficiently. If you are not aware of what "farming" is, it's a term for gaining gear and/or other items, by exploring and killing the same types or levels of mobs. There are many ways to do this and some are more effective than others.  Continue reading "Path of Exile: Beginner Farming Guide"