Game of Thrones Fans Only Please

I really enjoy watching Game of Thrones. After the first season however, I ran and read the books. Now I know nothing is ever better then the books, and this ... "parody"? is no different. However it's a pretty good one even so. If you think that nothing should desecrate the TV Series, then don't even bother to watch the video. If you want to see something funny and don't mind a little bit of play, then check out the video below. Continue reading "Game of Thrones Fans Only Please"

FFXIV: Craft with HQ Mats using Bot

Currently, there is only one scripting software which will macro crafting using HQ mats. Unfortunately it will you money... personally I think it's a good investment, considering the excellent support and quantity of games supported *shrug*. There are several people using MMOViper to craft with HQ mats (with caveats). Continue reading "FFXIV: Craft with HQ Mats using Bot"

Free Civilization 5 or Mafia 2 PC Download – Today Only

free-civ5-mafia2You can now get one of these games, for free, but the deadline to do so, is today. We were made aware of the game give-away yesterday, and hopped on it, to get this news out to you in turn. There is no liking on facebook, twitter, or google+ necessary (though we would appreciate it if you liked this page ofc... There is no posting about how much you love this offer on your profile. There is no fake surveys which you have to complete, but end up having to purchase. No, all you have to do, is follow a link, vote for today's best games (or skip voting) register and verify an email link, then download the game. And if you want to not receive any further emails from them, thats ok too.

So follow the url, vote, register, and then follow the email links to get to Wait 12-24 hours after voting, to register for the free game.

WARNING: You must vote today! The same information you register with on CVG, must be used for Greengaming, otherwise you won't be able to get the free games.

FarmVille 2: Tell Neighbors What You Need trick


We know that in FV2, your neighbors act like farmhands – they work the SQUARE your neighbor clicks on – not what’s on it. So you can get tens or hundreds of 24-hour crops (carrots, sunflowers, strawberries) in MINUTES using NO WATER if all your neighbors act on the same five squares. Use this trick, to tell them where and what to do, instead. Continue reading "FarmVille 2: Tell Neighbors What You Need trick"

Games: Then & Now – An Image Gallery

Today, we're going to take a look at some of the games, which have both a past and present version. Some of these started out as side scrollers, some as rudimentary 3d - first person shooters, and others as top down view games. Over the years they have been re-invented, and redone, so that the older versions are hardly even recognizable, but it's still good to know where the games you play now, came from. Continue reading "Games: Then & Now – An Image Gallery"

EQ2: Level 1-95 without paying for expansions


In Everquest 2 player who pay, can get to 95. Non-Payers can only get to 92. This cheat allows you get to level 95, costing nothing, and having your character maxed out prior to the expansion release. Continue reading "EQ2: Level 1-95 without paying for expansions"

ESO: Character Creation Video Tutorial

Yesterday, I received an email alert foretelling the new character creation options in Elder Scrolls Online. Its actually very similar to some of the other games out there, but will be impressive to anyone who hasn't seen this kind of options before (*cough* worldofwarcraft players *cough*). Check out the video below.

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Video also available in French & German


Rift: Easy 15 Platinum each Character, in 5 minutes


This is an easy way to earn 15 plat every day on every character, in a matter of minutes if you have the portals to and from Ashora. You will only need to check the AH, buy some items, and trade them in for Plat. Continue reading "Rift: Easy 15 Platinum each Character, in 5 minutes"

Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class

Best Crews for Each SWTOR ClassWhat are the Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class? Each SWTOR class has several companions, and each of those companions have different bonuses to crew skills. Some will complement your character, while others will not be of any help at all. There are a wide variety of combinations for SWTOR crew skills you need to consider. Welcome to my Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class guide of getting the most out of your class with your crew skills.

We are going to assume that you are aware of what the different crew skills are and are simply looking to get the most out of them, for the context of this guide.

Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class

Before we begin lets tackle the crew skill that seems to be the most popular these days, Biochem... [Read More]

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Minecraft: How to Breed Animals tutorial


written by D.H.

Breeding animals is a feature that allows fed animals of the same species to create baby animals. Minecraft animals have “favorite” types of food that can be used to lead them around and breed them with each other. Animals will follow the player around as long as they are holding their favorite food. The player needs to be holding the food; animals do not respond to food thrown on the ground, or crops that are planted in the ground.

Why breed animals in Minecraft? If you are playing a long-term survival map, having an animal farm is a great source of food and other resources. Farm animals aren’t the only animal in Minecraft you can breed, however - you can breed horses, donkeys, wolves and even ocelots! Here are some reasons you might want to breed animals in your Minecraft world:

  • Animal meat awards more hunger points than bread or crops

  • Animals provide materials such as wool, leather, eggs and milk

  • Breeding horses can result in different coat colors and patterns

  • Drinking milk cures status changes, poisons and withering

  • Leather can be used to craft simple armor, books and item frames

Continue reading "Minecraft: How to Breed Animals tutorial"

GTAV Cheat Codes for PS3 & Xbox360

These cheat codes, can be done on either the XBox360 or the PS3, and we have different sections for either of them. First off is the XBox360 Codes, followed by the PS3 codes farther down. Please scroll down for these.

If you know of any codes we missed, please DO leave a reply and let us know. Continue reading "GTAV Cheat Codes for PS3 & Xbox360"

GTAV Myths Busted – Video

If you've been wondering about if a Myth is true or not, then here's when you can get an answer. Contained in this video are myths such as robbing a store on an empty gun, drag racing, gaining stars from honking at cops, and more. Continue reading "GTAV Myths Busted – Video"

WoW: Free to Use Bot – Gathering, Leveling, Battleground, more

Your Free bot for World of Warcraft! Free to download, Free to use, Unlimited Sessions.

Its features include but are not limited to:

Archaeology - Flying for 20 minutes, digging and flying again? Not anymore!
Battleground - Love PVP, but hate the grind?
Fishing - Possibly the most boring profession, FULLY automated!
Gathering - Need gold? No problem this will gather nodes to sell!
Leveling - Leveling 1 - 90 takes a while, why not let your PC do it?
Plus FREE Cheating software - Air Walk, Infinite Jump, WallWalk, WaterWalk, AntiAFK, Lua Unlock! Continue reading "WoW: Free to Use Bot – Gathering, Leveling, Battleground, more"

GTAV: Unlimited Money Trick – Earn 10M per hour

It sucks when you need money in the game, and are always just a bit shy of your target. This trick uses the car method and is repeatable to allow you to earn as much money as you want. Continue reading "GTAV: Unlimited Money Trick – Earn 10M per hour"

FFXIV: Repeatable Levemete Quest – Easy Leveling


Instead of running dungeons, farming Fates, an alternative method has been found to level in FFXIV. This method is a grind, but can be repeated every 2 minutes and doesn't usually involve fighting mobs. You can however loot the occasional chest. Continue reading "FFXIV: Repeatable Levemete Quest – Easy Leveling"

FFXIV: Simple fly and speedhack, Free to use


As the title says, this is a simple flying and speed increasing game hack, for use with Final Fantasy XIV. The program moves your character by simply editing your position in memory.

There is no cost to use this, and it works on the current patch (as of 12 Oct 13). This could potentially have some cool uses inside instances so if you find anything fun to do please share, please share in the comment section below.

Continue reading "FFXIV: Simple fly and speedhack, Free to use"

GTAV: Locations for all 50 Letter Scraps

This mission is Unlocked After Locating one piece of a Letter Scrap, and is open to all the characters. Unfortunately, there are 50 different locations that the letter scraps can be found. Good news on that though, we have all the locations, listed below! Continue reading "GTAV: Locations for all 50 Letter Scraps"

World of Warcraft: RIP? Not quite yet, but…


At one time, the iconic online game “World of Warcraft” ruled the kingdom. It now seems to be coming to an end. One of the world’s favorite online games has seen a huge loss in their subscriber base with 600,000+ gamers leaving in the past three months.

Since the beginning of 2013 over two million subscribers have left the game. Activision Blizzard, the game’s owners, had 9.6 million users at the start of the year, that figure has now fallen to around 7.7 million, reports Sky News.

The main reason for this sudden and dramatic drop in interest seems to be the growing popularity of other games, and the redundant play of the game itself. Most players I have talked to in recent months, told me that they left to play something else including GW2, Neverwinter, League of Legends, and any other number of games. The most interesting thing in all of this, isn't which games they left to go play, but rather which type of game they decided to play... Free-2-play or games with no monthly subscription.

Is this the end of WoW? No, but unless something changes dramatically within the game over the next year, this might be the beginning of the end.

FFXIV: Misc Tips for Earning Gil


Hopefully you have read our other articles already on earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. If not, you can click on one of the following links to take you there; Levequests, Dungeons and Guildhests, TradeskillsFates, Strategy – Playing the market, or the 1-50 Leveling & Gil Guide.

The next few tips, are just some general stuff to go along with those previous Gil making  tips, which can be followed wherever you are, while playing.. Continue reading "FFXIV: Misc Tips for Earning Gil"

FIFA 14: How to Earn Coins (money) on Playstation and XBox

Compiled within, are the best ways I have found to make the most money on Ultimate team. Don't get me wrong, I am not the best player nor trader on FIFA, but I have managed to turn a nice profit since the game was released. I am terrible for maintaining teams. I get bored when I have played a few matches with them, and end up selling them often, for less then I purchased them. I do however manage to make money constantly by playing games. I am now going to share some of my secrets with you.

This guide can be applied to both PS3 and XBOX, though I am playing XBOX360. Prices and Price Ranges may differ between the different consoles. This guide should extend to both the PS4 and XBoxOne when they are released. Continue reading "FIFA 14: How to Earn Coins (money) on Playstation and XBox"