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FFXIV: Black Truffles Alternative trick

Black Truffles,  are a level 50 item gathered from Unspoiled Nodes by the Botanist. When Black Truffles are in low supply or for too high of a price, you can use this alternative, which ought to cost you a lot less

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric Impact Build

written by sirgleno Classes are all distinct and have their own class-exclusive powers, feats, stat bonuses, and  gear. Devoted Clerics (now referred to simply as Clerics) can be built to provide good burst dps and control, while still filling the

Recent Downtimes

We apologize for the recent down-times. Our server has been under attack (DDOS) by outside sources using multiple IPs. While we do employ security software, run the latest softwares, as well as auto-blacklisting, this hasn't prevented these recent attacks. Again, thank

Parth of Exile: Gems to Keep, Gems to Destroy, Gems to Sell

There are many different gems and understanding their value can be confusing for anyone, even experienced players. This guide will provide you with some basics about gems and their values. In the future, when you’re offered a choice of gems