Daily Archives: 21 November 2013

Rift: Game Sponsored Give-Away – 15k Free In-Game Credits

If you can't design shit in 3D, get practicing and crafting, cause this give-away by Turbine Entertainment, for Rift will get you scrambling. They are giving away 15k credits in their game Rift, which can be used in their store.

FFXIV: How to farm 900 Company Seals every 15 minutes

Instead of telling you how many Company Seals can be farmed a day normally, I am going to skip all that and tell you that 3500 per hour, is almost unheard of. But today, you get to see where to

Rift: Closing the Nature Based Corgi Rift easier trick

I really have disliked the Corgi Rift. I like it a lot better, now that I know a trick to closing it faster, without barking up the wrong tree. This little trick, will allow you to kill all the mobs