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Site News: Just added strong anti-spam

Due to increased spam, we have added an anti-spam plugin. There is a chance that you will be blocked. If this happens, contact us via Facebook with your IP and we will remove you from the blocked list. I removed

Crossfire: Zombie Mode Survivalist Guide

This guide will teach you how to kill and survive in zombie mode in Crossfire, by teaching you which weapons work best, how to reload faster, and then key strategies to survival and winning tactics. What is Crossfire? A Multi-Platform

Call of Duty: Extinction Trainer – God Mode, No Clip, Set Money

This game-hack can be used in solo play, and in multi-player. However in multiplayer, not all the functions will work. Features: Teleport/Warp to saved positions God Mode (Unlimited Health) Unlimited Ammo Rapid Fire No Clip (move through objects) Set money