Daily Archives: 30 November 2013

Hashtags gone? Discontinuing Memes via Facebook – Moving to site

Hashtags were one of the reasons we used Facebook We will be discontinuing the meme's we put up on Facebook, and be placing them directly on mmoexploiters.com stating in a few days. We are doing this in part because of

WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit

Imagine running into a battleground with an extra 150 Stamina on your level 19 Twink. What about an extra 100 agility on your rogue? This WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit is extremely OP! What is a Twink? A Twink is a character

Assassin’s Creed: Moses Ship Glitch

Rift: Solo Warrior Run 2-man instance Hammerknell Chronicle

Soloing Rift's Hammerknell Chronicle a 2 man instance on a custom Warrior Build, total run time about 17 minutes. Average plat derived, about 20-30 per run (when soloing).