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WoW: Lesser Charm of Good Fortune Farming Location

This small spot, will allow you to farm Lesser Charm's of Good Fortune, in the shortest time possible, gaining around 200-300 amulets per hour. 90 amulets can be exchanged for 3x Elder Charm of Good Fortune (allows extra loot to be looted off

Tera: Southern Arun Vistas, Southern, & Northern Shara Vistas

A guide with all the climbing points you need to find and climb for the following Vista Achievements; Southern Arun Vistas, Southern Shara Vistas, and Northern Shara Vistas in Tera Online. WARNING: IMAGE Intensive. Each image is clickable so you

Rift: Game Sponsored Give-Away – 15k Free In-Game Credits

If you can't design shit in 3D, get practicing and crafting, cause this give-away by Turbine Entertainment, for Rift will get you scrambling. They are giving away 15k credits in their game Rift, which can be used in their store.

FFXIV: How to farm 900 Company Seals every 15 minutes

Instead of telling you how many Company Seals can be farmed a day normally, I am going to skip all that and tell you that 3500 per hour, is almost unheard of. But today, you get to see where to

Rift: Closing the Nature Based Corgi Rift easier trick

I really have disliked the Corgi Rift. I like it a lot better, now that I know a trick to closing it faster, without barking up the wrong tree. This little trick, will allow you to kill all the mobs

Winamp Shutting down December 20, 2013

With a sad heart, I just found out that Winamp is shutting down on December 20th. I am sure some enterprising soul will go ahead and download all the skins/plugins and make them available... you? But not only is Winamp

The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Beta Testing Account Key

I just received my weekend warrior pass to The Elder Scrolls Online, and realized I just down't have the time to play the game. So why not give away this beautiful unused key? How do you qualify? Like our Facebook

WoW: Deadly Pet Brawler Achievement Mastery Guide

For most achievement hunters Deadly Pet Brawler can be the most annoying achievement in World of Warcraft. It did get much easier when I learned which pets worked best, in which situations. Then I narrowed them down to 3 pets, which I

WoW: Manaview WoW Addons Suite Full Download

Tear through quests to reach level cap 12x faster Make 30,000g daily on autopilot Bust up charts and dominate end game raiding and high-bracket arenas Increase DPS, healing output, and survivability in raids and PVP Tycoon, Booster, Edge, Impulse and Manacore updated for 5.4!

Call of Duty Ghosts: Head Stretching Glitch

This is merely meant to troll people in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and outside of the laughing, has no discernible use. It will allow you to move around, and have your character's head stretch out beyond the limits of your

Tera Online: How to make 2700-3300 gold a day at level 60

Let's set aside for a moment, that you want to support the RMT industry, by purchasing their gold.The methods listed here, will teach you how to make gold in Tera, as a level 60 in-game, without the use of bots,

Dungeon and Dragons Online: Level 8-20 Instantly

Otto's Irresistible Box can instantly levels a character from 8-20 (instead of 8 to 15). It is possible to stack exp potions with this box that can get you to level 20. Warning: This trick is only good for a short

Video: Understanding the differences between PS4 and XBoxOne

Which console should you buy, the PS4 or XBox One? We can't answer that, as it will always be a personal choice. However, this video will draw conclusions based on hardware, for which console is better for gaming, and which

LOL: How to play Nami as Support

Regardless of what is said in the video, support is one of my favorite roles to play. Not only is it a damage dealer, but also because healing your team is a vital part of your team's success. When you

Rift: How to make money off the AH, without listing items

If you don't have at least 1500 loyalty (costs about $10 or 2k plat), then you can't list items on the Auction House (AH). However, that doesn't mean you can't make money off the AH. There are a couple ways

Trove: Trion’s New Cube-like game looking for Alpha Testers

Ok, so it's blocky, there are more mobs to fight, you can still design, but will it be a hit? Who knows. But here is the video for it. Let us know what you think about it in the comments

Contest Open to All: Free Bundle of Games from Daedalic Entertainment

Instead of a guide or cheat, I thought maybe someone would appreciate this give-away instead. I have a code for a bundle of games to be redeemed off of Steam. This freebie is available to everyone, anyone can enter. You

TERA Online: Guide to Campfires

written by Grooguz You wouldn't think that a campfire could be an integral part of a game, but in Tera Online, it is. They are mostly used in the out-of-combat experience of the game. There are campfires all around the world

WoW: Celestial Tournament Battle Walkthrough

Can you beat the Celestial Tournament everytime? I couldn't the first time, but I started writing down useful information and tips. These personal notes, teach you how to beat each of the Celestial Masters in turn, with step by step

Rift: Group Leveling 50-60 FAST

Assuming for a moment, that you are in a capable group. By capable, I mean an AOE DPS, Tank, Healer, and Support, then you have the makings of an awesome leveling group, for 50-60 leveling. This method however doesn't need

What would you pay, for a new game?

What if you could pay just $25 for the new Batman game, would you do it? What about $10? Too much? $5? Well, now you can purchase games, and have the proceeds of what you pay - where you get