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Hearthstone Arena Card Picking Strategy

Hearthstone Arena Card Picking Strategy These are my personal picks for Hearthstone Arena Card Picking, and I welcome knowing what your picks are. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page, if you have a different suggestion. If

Speed Buff exploit for Engineering Priests – WoW

Speed Buff exploit for Engineering Priests I found a pretty wicked exploit accidentally in a ToT Looking for Raid group. With my Engineering Priest, I was able to increase my movement speed by an additional 15% in this Speed Buff

Hearthstone Beta Key Delivered Free within 24 hours

Hearthstone Beta Key's are hard to come by, or if nothing else, they cost money, if you don't know how to get them for free. This guide will teach you how to get a Hearthstone Beta Key, in about 24 hours

Gold, Platinum, Credits Farming Method Check

Gold, Platinum, Credits Farming Method Check Today I was looking through some different sites which were discussing the newest, neatest, best way to earn gold, platinum, credits, or game currency using various Farming Methods. I struck upon a way to

XTrap Bypass for Online Game-Hacking

XTrap Bypass is simply a tool which will allow you to bypass the game protection code on online games like Knights Online, EVE Online, S4 Leauge, etc.  Please note that XTrap Bypass, is a specialized tool, but should help our cheating

Plat Farming Tip for Rift Yule Tide event

Plat Farming Tip If you recall, a few months back, I told you to buy up as many masks as you can for 10 Plat or less. This was for the Halloween event. At the time, you might have thought it

Prevent Turret Movement – Stealth tip: World of Tanks

This might sound like something you don't need to know, but there are 3 ways to Prevent Turret Movement in World of Tanks. When you Prevent Turret Movement, this allows you to "stealth". If you don't move, then you can still look

BMAH Container Cheap for high pop server players

BMAH Container Cheap  As most of you know BMAH Container can cost quite a bit of gold on some busy servers and since almost all people buy these containers for mounts/pets why not buy them on a quiet server? What kind

Quick LOL Hero Guide – Ryze

Quick LOL Hero Guide - Ryze  A brief overview of everything you need to know about Ryze, quickly. Use this guide to compare with our other Quick LOL Hero Guides to see which one will best match your play style. Summoner

Halaa PVP Cheat for Hunters and Warlocks

Halaa PVP Cheat only works, if you are either a Warlock or Hunter, as this will allow you to kill the guards, without being flagged as PVP. How this helps, is that you cannot be attacked, for killing the guards,

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of the holidays, I am taking a few days off from posting anything. If you belong to one of the following; Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, you can still catch the meme's I post. Usually, they are

RMT Demise A Global Concern

RMT Demise - a Look into the coming future of online games, one without as many bots and gold farmers. What is RMT? It stands for Real Money Transaction - or rather a trading of virtual currency for real money.

Wildstar Stats Overview

Wildstar Stats explained by Hakurai You might be thinking you can just jump into Wildstar, just like any other game, and get the same stats, and then pretty much play it, without really getting to know the game. Well, you will

Allods GM Commands & Console Activation Guide

Allods GM Commands and Console Activation This is a mini-guide about the Allods Online Game Console and it's commands. Before we begin, you must activate a console in the game client. To do this, follow these simple steps: Open the folder

Rift Fishbot – Automate Rift Storm Legion Fishing

Rift Fishbots come and go. Some you pay for, this Rift Fishbot  is free. What is Rift Fishing? Take your pole out, and go fishing in the waters of the different zones in and around Telara. Catch Fish for the

Devoted Cleric Damage Mitigation Build for PVP & PVE

Devoted Cleric Damage Mitigation Build for Neverwinter  written by avnosherb1 PvP is a large part of the game to me and I used a few of the builds in the master class list to PvP but didn’t feel like my Devoted Cleric was

uTorrent Alternative – Torrent Downloads Software

uTorrent Alternative I have been using uTorrent for a few years now. Over the years, it's been like a good friend to me. But recently, something changed for the worse. So I searched for a uTorrent Alternative. No, the advertisements

WoWRadar for patch v5.4

WoWRadar, is a simple Radar for World of Warcraft! It can detect any Gameobject, NPC or Player near you (Only Players you can see, so no stealthed Players). WoWRadar is perfect for PVP, PVE, Treasure Chest hunting, farm for Herbs and Mines

Snowflakes Farm Fast Method in Rift

Snowflakes Farm Fast Method If you're playing Rift this holiday, then you should be aware that the currency that allows you to purchase the cool items is Snowflakes. These can be farmed fairly quickly gaining around 150 an hour. If

Winterveil Gold Farming Disenchant macro

Winterveil Gold Farming Disenchant macro You won't get rich overnight using this Winterveil Gold Farming macro, it will take you months to get rid of the loot, but the gold earned will be about 3k/hr.  Should you do it? Well, I guess

Wildstar Watermark Removal Tool

Wildstar Watermark Removal Tool - FiRem  FiRem is an open-source Wildstar watermark removal tool. It's pretty self-explanatory, but in-case you don't understand; it removes your account name from the screen, so you can safely share screenshots and videos with the world. After