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Onslaught Defense Strategy Guide – Rift

onslaught defense guide

In this Onslaught Defense Guide, you will learn how to effectively defend an Onslaught as a daily quest, for any area you choose to defend. The first Onslaught Defensive that we were introduced to, came into being on Ember Isle. This Onslaught Defense was also

iYogi Scam Alert, Removal, Restore

iYogi Scam Alert

I had a really fun day today, which is why I am bringing you this iYogi Scam Alert. Ok, when I say fun, I mean it sarcastically. It wasn't fun, between knowing that my mom can fall for phishing as

VIP Member logins working again

Your membership is not gone, we do however have to move it over from an old database. Everything should be back to normal within a day, sorry for the delay. I will update this post when everything is back to

We are still having problems

We are still having problems... but the good news, is we are still working towards a solution. We backed up, restored, found some bugs, found some more, and continue to work on the problems which are causing the site to go

Rift Fishing Guide – Storm Legion Updated

Rift Fishing Guide - Storm Legion Updated

The first thing you need to understand about Rift Fishing, is that it is in no way as easy as any other profession to level. In most other professions, you simply do the hardest level, and are able to level

Hearthstone Achievements & Daily Quests

Hearthstone Achievements written by the8thark Some Hearthstone Achievements, give some really cool rewards, and thus we have compiled this list of Hearthstone Achievements and Hearhtstone quests into a handy guide. Having every possible achievement in the game would be nice, but also very

PQ Rotation bot – World of Warcraft

PQ Rotation bot (PQR) is an all-in-one ability rotation application. It uses both simple memory reading as well as a memory detour to execute Lua code. It requires very little setup, which even a novice should be able to navigate easily.

Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location – World of Warcraft

I found this spot, after a faction change, and had my quests reset. This spot will send endless waves of Nagas at you, as long as you do not turn in the associated quest. What it will mean, is that

Tanking it to the Extreme tactic – World of Tanks

Tanking it to the Extreme, is a new mission for World of Tanks. Your mission? Complete 300 battles, and winning 100 of them. The catch? You have to complete the objectives before February 1st, 2014. For any true World of

Hearthstone Winning Guide

Hearthstone Winning, isn't hard. You don't need a great deck for it,  you do not need a bunch of epic and legendary cards. Any competent deck will win your fair share of matches.  

Quick Capping Battlegrounds – World of Warcraft

Quick Capping Battlegrounds can infuriate the enemy, and even your team mates at times. It is the use of various items or spells within World of Warcraft, which will allow you to cap your target before the enemy is even

We are aware that the site keeps going down

We are aware that the site keeps going down. We have contacted a few different people in the hope of solving the issue, where the site keeps crashing. We have slimmed down the database, optimized it, removed transient objects from options,

Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck and Guide

The Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck list is pretty straightforward Murlocs for the most part, but adopts a philosophy of attrition. What I mean by that is the deck runs zero “big” spells/finishers and is actually focused heavily on buffing the toughness

Carbine team wipes Wildstar beta Livestream

As you might not know, the Carbine team wiped in their run during a Wildstar livestream. They made the excuse of too many mobs. I don't believe this is too valid, there was around 5 mobs in the fight, and with a

Jade Forest Exploration Gallery – World of Warcraft

I was in a random Temple of the Jade Forest group and I was running out of the Water Boss room (the Jinyu guy) I blinked into a pair of stairs and went right through it. I was a bit

Origin Store half price exploit

For this to work, you will need a VPN with different country IPs. I recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN!, since it offers a ton of IPs. You will need to connect to both your Origin account, as well as the country,

Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun

Rift Frog Fog Licking Fun is by no means something that is hard to do, it's just an interesting thing which you can do, and gain a buff, which lasts around 60 seconds. All you have to do, is find a

Hearthstone Legendary Card Crafting Priority Guide

Legendary creatures are a source of amazement, frustration, and desire in Hearthstone. They have dramatic, and flashy effects as they hit the board and cause all manner of death and destruction. Unless you are lucky enough to open these bad

Secret World Strike Build – Elemental & Shotgun End Game DPS

Secret World Strike Build - Elemental and Shotgun – End Game DPS written and created by by Johrel The Secret World Strike Build takes advantage of synergies between strikes and uses critical hits to maximize damage output.  The build has been

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PC Download

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Language(s): English | Release: 01/2014 | PC | ISO 24.6 GB Genre(s): Action METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE takes the renowned METAL GEAR franchise into exciting new territory by focusing on delivering an all-new action experience unlike

Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Guide

Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Guide written by Noxctis Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Introduction I started off Mabinogi with no money or gold. Maybe some nx but I used it for pets. So making money, you have to learn to merchant a bit or