iYogi Scam Alert, Removal, Restore

I had a really fun day today, which is why I am bringing you this iYogi Scam Alert. Ok, when I say fun, I mean it sarcastically. It wasn't fun, between knowing that my mom can fall for phishing as well as installing some nasty crap on her computer, when she thinks I am not going to help her - or rather when I can't help her right now!

iYogi Scam Alert

My mom needed help with her Lexmark printer, so a few days ago, she signs up for iYogi, pays the $179.99 fee for a year of support, then calls them when she needs help. The support guy gets her to send him a code on her computer through an app, and then starts telling her she has a multitude of problems, should get their firewall. She says she already has a firewall and anti-malware, the guy turns it off. RED FLAG! She does the right thing, hangs up, shuts down her computer.iYogi Scam Alert, Removal, Restore Continue reading "iYogi Scam Alert, Removal, Restore"