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Glass Beads – Prize Tickets Farming – Carnival of the Ascended – Rift

If you're like me, you may have decided that you want to farm Glass Beads or Prize Tickets, but do not know which way is the fastest way to gather these items, you're in luck. Today, I am sharing with

Elder Scrolls Online Free Beta Key

Elder Scrolls Online Free Beta Key

I have just received new beta keys, which I will now be offering to you, our friends. This Elder Scrolls Online Free Beta Key, will allow you to get into this weekend's beta event, and then continue on each of the

Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling Fast

With the latest patch of Diablo 3, comes the new way to get Fast Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling completed. Using this method, you will gain anywhere from 50-70 million experience per run. You will also  get 1 white weapon for the new

Dream Weaver Cheaper Leveling – Rift

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver Cheaper leveling is possible using 3 little tricks which will save you so much platinum and time. It will take dedication and persistence, but is easily achieved. Either I forgot how expensive it was to level a profession,

Grid Bomb Chart for Titan Extreme Runs – FFXIV

Titan Ex Runs Grid Bomb Chart

After doing a lot of Titan Extreme runs, I figured out that the one phase that was throwing me for a loop periodically was the Grid Bombs. Just because they can go four different ways, and we were trying to

Titanfall Controls for Pilot & Titan Mech

Titanfall Controls for Pilot & Titan Mech

Titanfall, is what Mechawarrior Online should look like. Following is a video tutorial hosted by MDawg of the basic movements of both the player and the Titan Mech. These Titanfall Controls, are also listed below. Quote via WikiPedia In Titanfall, players fight

Minecraft XBox Controller

XBox Controller

Do you want to enable a Minecraft XBox Controller for use with your Minecraft game? This simple tool allows you to use a pad with functionality over the default controls of Minecraft. Extract the Java plugin Run plugin Plug in control

Easy 200k Planar Attunement Experience level 60 – Rift

I have a buddy who shared with me this Easy 200k Planar Attunement Experience trick. It basically allows you grab an Easy 200k Planar Attunement Experience at level 60, just for logging in, and pulling this move. It's amazingly simple, and can

Doom 4 Beta Invite with purchase of Wolfenstein

Doom 4 Beta Invite

If you are or were a Doom fan, then this might be right up your alley. It's now possible to get your own Doom 4 Beta Invite guaranteed, with an amazing deal. In order to get your Doom 4 Beta Invite, all

Mor Dhona Ropes Exploration – FFXIV

Mor Dhona Ropes

This Mor Dhona Ropes Exploration in FFXIV video, will show you exactly how to get to the Mor Dhorna Ropes, using jumping and mount jumping techniques. Once at the top of the Mor Dhona Ropes, explore, take screen shots, or

Transfer Gil to Alts – FFXIV

For some inane reason, it's not normally possible to Transfer Gil to Alts. However a work-around was recently found, which will allow you to do just that. It even works to allow you to send your alts items. While this IS

Farm Platinum 2k each hour – Rift

Farm Platinum

I was a little shocked when I realized how easy it was to Farm Platinum, and make 2k an hour (or more). Think about it. That's 10k platinum, or about 4 months premium paid, in as little as 5 hours. Of

MDawg Hearthstone Guide – PDF Download

MDawg's Hearthstone Arena Guide

Not all Hearthstone Guides are created equal, and in some cases guides which you purchase are just slapped together from public posts, and presented as a guide which you need to purchase. I can happily say that The MDawg Hearthstone Guide

Priest Psychic Horror Cooldown Reset

Shadow Priest

The Priest Psychic Horror Cooldown Reset, is a game exploit which can be achieved by Shadow Priests in World of Warcraft. In order to do the Priest Psychic Horror Cooldown Reset, you need to follow a few simple steps, which will allow

Titanfall Beta Key free

Titanfall Beta Key

A simple trick to getting the PC version of Titanfall Beta Key free. It should take you no more then 1-1.5 hours to get the key, and you are going to have to wait on Livehelp. Once you get the

Hearthstone Secrets Counters

Hearthstone Secrets Counters

All the Hearthstone Secrets, and what to do when one of them is thrown by your enemy. This will allow you to counter, and guesstimate which secret the other player has thrown down. Currently only Hunters, Mages, and Paladins have Hearthstone

Dream Weaver Guide – Rift

Rift Dream Weaver Guide

The new Dream Weaver crafting profession is now live, as such, it's time to share this Rift Dream Weaver Guide. I am sure you will be able to tell from the recipes that the most important thing to have is Dream

Rift Flying Bug PTS Video Tutorial

Rift Flying Bug

This Rift Flying Bug, is on the Private Test Server, in Morban. It will allow you to swim in the air like a fish, and even drown without a spell or potion of Water Breathing. This Rift Flying Bug is

Dream Weaver Rift 2.6 Patch notes

Dream Weaver

To say the least, I am really excited about the Dream Weaver profession. I am fairly sure that everyone is going to jump in and start crafting, but this is going to be a great time to earn some Rift

Hearthstone Druid Deck Legendary No Taunt

Hearthstone Druid Deck

With this Hearthstone Druid Deck, you can easily get to Legendary status, like I did. Having started only a few days before the open beta, this deck does a few things differently then the masses of other deck builds out

Great Hunt Rifts without Raids – Rift

Close Hunter Rifts without Raids

Really this guide is not just how to Close Great Hunt Rifts without Raids, but to also close any kind of Rift, where you have a lure. It's an annoying fact that most people will flock to close Great Hunt level 5