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Spell Rotation Bot with Warden Scan/Lua unlock – WoW

After a recent banwave for using PQR, a Spell Rotation Bot, I was loathe to play WoW without a Spell Rotation Bot, but at the same time, didn't want to use PQR because of a possible perma-ban, so I decided

1 hour Powerlevel 60 Diablo 3


I wouldn't have believed in it myself, but it's true. You can now 1 hour Powerlevel 60 in Diablo 3. You will need a level 60, well geared friend to do this with, but if you have that, then 1 hour

GunZ 2 User Interface Guide


Because the most confusing aspect of a new game is often the interface, we have written this GunZ 2 User Interface Guide to help you out. This guide is aimed to be the first thing new players see when looking for

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot free

Should you get the DarkOrbit Pixel Bot? To answer this, we need to ask a couple questions. Do you play DarkOrbit? Do you wish you could take out some of the monotony out of DarkOrbit? If you do, then it's time

Titanfall Generations Prestige Ranking System

Titanfall Generations Ranks

Titanfall’s ranking system will be known as “generations”. With Titanfall Generations Prestige Ranking System, when you level up to a new rank, all your challenges will be reset. This is both good and bad, because whatever achievements you gained, will

Free Windows Software

Free Windows Software

In today's day an age, it's often easy to find cloned software for many of the tools we used to pay or pirate. However, today, I am going to share without some name-brand software that you can download and install,

Fish Don’t leave Footprints achievement for Sale

Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement

In order to get the Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement, you need to not have the achievement already, and do a little fishing. Of course if you have the Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement, then you won't be able to find the

Diablo 3 Experience Exploit 500m xp /hour

This Diablo 3 Experience Exploit can net you upto 500 Million XP per hour, if done correctly. The best way to do this, is with a Demon Hunter, and to follow this guide as described below. Other classes' XP will vary,

Tera Leveling Guide PDF Download

Tera Leveling Guide

Tera Online, originally came out back in May 2012 in the US, and since then there have been no Tera Leveling Guide which has been updated. In fact, most of the guide writers did what we call a hit and

Titanfall Burn Cards List

Titanfall Burn Cards

In Titanfall, you will be able to use a special ability in the game, as you level up. As you continue to level, you will get a total of 3 different Titanfall Burn Cards. These Titanfall Burn Cards are equivalent to buffs

FFXIV Gil Guide PDF Download

FFXIV Gil Guide

Needing to farm FFXIV Gil can be a pain in the arse, if you don't know what you're doing. Lucky for you however, we came across a FFXIV Gil Guide, which will teach you how to farm FFXIV Gil in