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Moving Hosts Tonight


We will be moving to a different host tonight, as such there may be service interruptions, over the next 6-8 hours. We are switching from Softlayer back to GoDaddy, in the interest of curbing rising costs. We apologize for any

ESO Known Alchemy Recipes


Our ESO Known Alchemy Recipes will help get you started with Alchemy and crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. Crafting in ESO is a bit like most games, where you need a recipe, but it's also a bit like Asherons Call, where

How to install addons in ESO


If you are new to the idea of addons, then understand that addons are player written features or enhancements for games. This tutorial will teach you How to install addons in ESO.  Heres Octech's Top Must Have Launch addons/mods. There are a