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Free Rift Patron Pass

Free Rift Patron Pass

Trion in conjunction with MMORPG is giving away a 3 day Free Rift Patron Pass. To get this pass, all you need to do is login to, follow the link below, and click the link to get it free.

Buy Rift REX cheaper

You might be wondering how you can Buy Rift REX cheaper then what you would buy from Trion directly, but it's an amazing trick, which is relatively cheap. Essentially, there are 2 ways to get a Rift subscription. You can either

Wildstar Speed Leveling Guide


You went out and bought WildStar. You installed it, created a character and fooled around getting the hang of the controls. Now you think that you know what you’re doing and you’re ready to sit down and sink your teeth


There haven't been any for a while now. I got to the point where the server costs weren't being covered by the subscription fees, no matter how I begged for them. I kept putting up new info, but without either