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Destiny Leveling Guide

Destiny Leveling Guide

A basic Destiny Leveling Guide to get you started to playing and leveling up in Destiny. This is a broad guide, no pictures, and very limited in it's scope, but you will know where to go and what to fight

Essential drinking tips for Halloween

Just wanted to share a few essential drinking tips tonight with you all for Halloween tonight. Since drinking and treating is on everyone's minds tonight, lets go over some essential drinking tips for tonight. Each of essential drinking tips in the image below

MyVegas Facebook on Mobile

Puffin Web Browser

If you want to play MyVegas Facebook on Mobile natively on your Android or iPhone, there are a couple ways to do this. The first way, is to use some kind of Remote Admin Tool (aka RAT) which will allow you to

Build your own VM – Free Software – Offer Expired

Build your own VM

This software will allow you to Build your own VM Box. If you are a botter, then you are probably using VMWare to run mini virtual computers inside your own system. The benefit to this for botters is that they can

Gamer Play Timer – Free! – Offer Expired

Gamer Play Timer

If you're a gamer then you need Gamer Play Timer. If you are the type of gamer which gets lost in games, and loses track of time, then you REALLY need this Gamer Play Timer. It's free until midnight. It's

Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick

Hit the 20k Chip Feed MyVegas Max Quicker

You can use this Quick 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Trick, following these easy instructions, to gather your max chip feed collection super fast. Assuming for a moment that you collect chips from your chip feed, and maybe you use an aggregator

WoW Transmog Cheat

Darkmoon Faire Legacy Gear

There is an interesting WoW Transmog Cheat, which is not very well known. It will allow you to purchase an item from any vendor, even those for honor, valor, justice, Darkmoon Faire, or any other for that matter. Transmog an item

Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide FFXIV

Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide

Getting the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, is fairly easy. The key to getting it, isn't so much experimentation, just doing the feeding in the correct order. To get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, you need to start with the Desert Yellow Chocobo

WoW Winterspring Gold Trick 15k/hour

WoW Winterspring Gold Trick

There is a new WoW Winterspring Gold Trick,that very few people know about. It will allow you to farm anywhere from 10k to 20k an hour. What you do with the gold is up to you, but keep in mind this is

Magic Camera – Free Gamers Tool – Offer Expired

Magic Camera

Magic Camera is a webcam enhancing program for webcam chat and webcam effects. This program also works to create a video of your gaming window. So you can use it to record your gaming sessions or as a webcam enhancement

Remote Control MyVegas while AFK

Remote Control MyVegas

If you have a mobile Android or iPhone device, you can Remote control MyVegas by installing TeamViewer. Doing this will allow you to send gifts, collect properties, and even set up spins. Since this is not a macro tool, it's

Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting

Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting

Many people don't seem to understand Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting, so I am here to share this information with you. First I would just like to distinguish the three. To the right, there is a picture of a staff.

2014 October MyVegas Coupons

Maximize Chip Gain Strategy Guide

What are the 2014 October MyVegas Coupons? October MyVegas coupons are a bit like Large Chip shares, except that they don't expire right away, and can often last upto 3 weeks. These October MyVegas Coupons are often 500-5000 chips, with the

New Subscriptions Open Again

We have been approved by Clickbank and will begin again selling subscriptions. New subscriptions will now cost $10 monthly, but will allow more people access to all that we have to offer by allowing outside websites to send traffic this

Archeage Information and FAQ

Archeage Information and FAQ

If you're looking for an idea of what Archeage is, then you need to read this Archeage Information and FAQ. I have included some tips and tricks along with some general information about the game and game world. If there

Archeage Gold Making Guide

Archeage Gold Making Guide

In this Archeage Gold Making Guide, we are going to focus on Trade Packs. There are many ways to make Archeage Gold in the game, and this is just one way, but it's also one of the more efficient and effective ways. This Archeage Gold

Auto Small Chip Share Tool – MyVegas

Auto Small Chip Share Tool

Imagine all the chip shares that you can grab thanks too this Auto Small Chip Share Tool. Now you can pick up chip shares while you are at work or sleeping. Think about it, with a peak time in the

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted while we try to get approved by ClickBank. We have to make the site work in such a way and prove it works. It normally takes 3-5 days, but could take slightly longer. If you want to

MyVegas Chip Share Exploit

MyVegas Chip Share Exploit

This MyVegas Chip Share Exploit is currently undetected, and probably not even known about by PlayStudio. Now before I go into the MyVegas Chip Share Exploit, let me warn you about the dangers of using an exploit such as this.

ArcheAge Dual Wielding Comparison Sheet

ArcheAge Dual Wielding Comparison Sheet

I have consolidated some of the information concerning ArcheAge Dual Wielding, and added in some pictures to illustrate. This is not a guide, more of an ArcheAge Dual Wielding Comparison Sheet between dual wielding and single wielding of weapons.  This is data I

Allods Fatigue Guide

Allods Fatigue

As the Allods fatigue system has changed over time, I decided to make an Allods Fatigue Guide about it. Also because most guides are inaccurate or lack vital information that is necessary to utilize fatigue to it’s full potential. What is