Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide FFXIV

Getting the Soot Black Chocobo MountSoot Black Chocobo Mount Guide, is fairly easy. The key to getting it, isn't so much experimentation, just doing the feeding in the correct order. To get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, you need to start with the Desert Yellow Chocobo Mount. You are going to need a total of 19 Apples, 23 Pears, 32 Berries, and 2 plums.

If you think you can simply feed your Desert Yellow Chocobo Mount these items to get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, think again. You need to break down the fruits into a specific order that will then allow you to feed the mount to get it to the proper coloration. Continue reading "Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide FFXIV"