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Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide

Archeage Hexblade PVP Build

The Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide is a melee DPS class, which is based on Battlerage, Witchcraft, and Defense. This Archeage Hexblade PVP Build excels at mitigating damage and using crowd control (CC). By using weapon swapping, you will still

Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method

MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick

It's time to update the LP Loyalty trick to the Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method. This is because some of you do follow my methods religiously (smart thinking on your part). Assuming for a moment, that you are following one of

Death Knight Class Guide – Full PDF Download

Death Knight Class Guide

World of Warcraft has changed and so has the Death Knight. This Death Knight Class Guide for World of Warcraft will go over all the important changes made to the Death Knight, including everything which has changed since Warlords of Draenor

Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit – Fixed

Dupe Exploit

A while back, there was an Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit, which would allow you to use one, and still keep one on your account. It seems that the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploitt might be back after the recent patch. However

Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends – No FaceBook Jail

I have been using a technique to Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends. That is, to invite upwards of 50 people to become friends, a day. I have found a trick, which will allow me to stay out of Facebook Jail - which

Rift Loyalty Trick – Double Loyalty Daily

How to change Rift servers

I bet you don't know the Rift Loyalty Trick! The Rift Loyalty Trick will give you extra Loyalty, if you are a Patron. If you aren't a patron, then this trick isn't going to work for you. But if you

Warlords of Draenor Guide – Full PDF Download

Warlords of Draenor Guide

This Warlords of Draenor guide, isn't so much a leveling guide, but a change guide. What changed, how did it change, and what should I do now, that these changes of occurred. The Warlords of Draenor Guide is not a short

75 Conquest Points every 30 min trick

75 Conquest Points every 30 min trick

I am not sure if the 75 Conquest Points every 30 min trick is for both Horde and Alliance or not. I know it works for Horde however. There is an NPC you will need to kill a mob in Ashram, which

Under Maintenance

mmoexploiters has been under maintenance. We were working on moving away from our previous host provider to Media Temple which has been proven to be much faster and more apt to respond to technical support queries then GoDaddy. Most of the issues

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets, are here to help you to know how long it will take you to plant and harvest trees, raise animals, farm herbs and veggies. Each item is listed along with their initial cost, best harvesting locations, total

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Guide – Full Download

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Guide

This Warlords of Draenor Leveling Guide, will level your World of Warcraft character from level 1, all the way to level 100. It's an in-game guide, and would normally cost you $60 if you bought it directly from Zygor WoW Guides.

Site News: New Provider

On Tuesday/Wednesday coming, we will be switching hosts. While GoDaddy has helped us to get our costs under control, we believe that Media Temple will be able to help us better to manage our website. We need stronger capabilities which

Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned

In order to Maximize MyVegas Credits Earned, you may need to change the way you fundamentally play. This means that depending upon your goals in the game, you may have to change a little bit, as there are different ways to

Level 100 WoW Gearing Guide

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips

Level 100 WoW Gearing Up is where the real fun begins, after you hit the level cap. There are a wondrous new endgame routes to dive into, but your first concern should be getting yourself better geared so you can take

Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tips

Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tips

In beginning of the new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming will be chief among the highlights of the game. Those who level the fastest (see our WoD Leveling Tips), will ultimately be able to make more WoW

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips

To play WoW in the upcoming expansion, you need some Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips. This will be a small, multi-part series. Our VIP members will get the newest guides as they are released, but the rest of you would do

Free Archeage Credits 1250 monthly

Free Archeage Credits

It's really easy to farm Free Archeage Credits 1250 monthly with Patron Status. Best of all, the Free Archeage Credits you farm are available account wide, unlike loyalty or labor. So you can use them on any server in any region

Archeage Trade Pack Runs Tricks

Archeage Trade Pack Runs - mmoexploiters

There are a couple cheats for Archeage Trade Pack Runs, that you might find a use for. They both require a group, but having said group, will allow everyone in the group to get the credit for turning Trade Packs in,

Farming The Joy of Draenor Cooking WoW exploit

Farming The Joy of Draenor Cooking

If you want to try Farming the Joy of Draenor Cooking, then there is an exploit to try it on. It's much simpler to do this in a group but can be done solo. The drop chance is about 13-20%.

Using Cheat Engine – Archeage

If you are Using Cheat Engine with Archeage, or even if you want to experiment with it, then there is something you should know. Speed and Movement is kept server side. If you want to experiment with Cheat Engine then don't use

1-60 RAF level 50 minutes WoW exploit


Here's a way to 1-60 RAF level 50 minutes. It seems the previous exploit spot may have been fixed, so here is an alternative which will allow you to level to 60 fairly quickly. It is done with RAF, so