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Rift Snowball Fight Trick

Rift Snowball Fight Trick

There are actually a couple of Rift Snowball Fight Trick's that I have found. I use one to complete the daily quest, A Frosty Free-For-All quicker (since I play late at night). The other one I use to instantly select a...

Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck

Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck

This Hearthstone Demon Warlock Handlock Deck is super fun and viable at high levels, even Legendary. You have a capability for tempo swings far beyond that which a regular handlock is capable of, as well as enough threats to outlast

ArcheAge Silent Forest Trade Run

I run into lots of players who don’t have clue how to build up some Archeage gold via trade runs, so I decided to share my 15 minute ArcheAge Silent Forest Trade Run. This is written with the noob in mind.

Unsoloable WoW Dungeons ~ Level 100 edition

Unsoloable WoW Dungeons

If you are like me, and are just now returning to World of Warcraft after a bit of an absence, then you might want to know which are the Unsoloable WoW Dungeons. By this I mean dungeons from older content, which

Hearthstone Priest Crazed Alchemist Deck

Hearthstone Priest Crazed Alchemist Deck

This Hearthstone Priest Crazed Alchemist Deck has an insane win rate against the current meta, and with the right opening hand, can burst down a handlock before they even get a chance to play Jaraxxus. There’s about 10 cards different than

Dota 2 Slardar Guide

Dota 2 Slardar Guide

I am fully enjoying my Dota 2 Slardar and was very excited to read about the Shifting Snows update. Lo and behold I spotted a huge Slardar buff. The cooldown for Amplify Damage was halved to 5 seconds. Slardar has carried me

Last Minute Gift Idea – Xmas 2014

Last Minute Gift Idea

There are only a couple more days left, and time to look at a Last Minute Gift Idea for Xmas 2014. If you haven't yes got someone a gift, let me suggest a J!nx gift certificate. They have 4 different values

Snipe 2001 MyVegas Chip Shares

Snipe 2001 Chips Shares

In order to Snipe 2001 Chips Shares, which are good for one, and one click only, we need to do a bit of prep work. Once the prep work is complete however, you will easily be able to grab each

WoW Monk Guide – Warlords of Draenor

WoW Monk guide

Continuing with our posting of each of the classes, today you get the WoW Monk Guide for Warlords of Draenor. This WoW Monk Guide is a feature packed, with a complete overview of the best recommended builds, stats overviews, major glyphs,

New cheats moved to forums

New Cheats on VIP Forums

Any new cheats or exploits we come across will now be posted in the forums. The forums presents a better place for users to interact, share information, and to debunk exploits. If you wish to get a free subscription to

Archeage Render Game Mod

The Archeage Render Game Mod, is a modification to the game files which will change the way the game displays to you. File modification is against the TOS, but if you follow the directions explicitly, you should have no problems. See

Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder Free Today

Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder

I like to use a Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder, when I need to repeat the same process over and over in a game. Sometimes I will use a Macro Recorder which will make it so that I only have to hit

S4 League Game Hack

S4 League Game Hack

This S4 League Game Hack, gives you quite a few different functions which you can use against your enemies in a multi-player match. In mini Game mode, it offers the following functions; Inf Ammo, In Sp, Godmode, Auto Conquest, Aimbot, All Channels.  If you update this S4

FFXIV Gil Farming Guide Download

FFXIV Gil Guide

What if I told you it was really easy to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil with this FFXIV Gil Farming Guide? If you don't like spending hard earned cash to purchase FFXIV Gil, then you need this FFXIV Gil Farming Guide. If

Trimming MyVegas Friends & Neighbors

Trimming your MyVegas Friends

By now, if you've followed any of my advice, its time to start Trimming MyVegas Friends. Of course, you might not need to do this, but following my own advice, I have many many many "friends" on Facebook. There comes a

EZTV & ThePirateBay Servers Down

EZTV & ThePirateBay Servers Down

You might have noticed that for the last several days both EZTV & ThePirateBay Servers Down. ThePirateBay and EZTV have been down due to a raid on TPB. Point in fact, the downtime is actually caused by a Swedish raid on

ArcheAge Pirate Guide – Arghhhh!

ArcheAge Pirate Guide

So you want to be a Pirate, Argghh? Well, this ArcheAge Pirate Guide should introduce the Pirate faction. I have been a pirate now for one month! If you have had better experience, or if your Pirate adventure was/is terrible then

ArcheAge Shadowblade Beginner’s Guide

ArcheAge Shadowblade Beginner's Guide

Playing an ArcheAge Shadowblade, can only be played with a low lag. This character is a Crowd Control Master which can be used in PVP to dominate the opponent. You need to be able to land Crowd Controlling (cc's) effects,

Warlords of Draenor Mage Guide PDF Download

Warlords of Draenor Mage Guide

This Warlords of Draenor Mage Guide covers anything from fresh builds to which equipment you should use. Better yet, it's been updated for the new content. Are you a mage who knows your limitations in PVP, and will automatically turn

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes

Rift Butchering 240-285

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes is easily done, if you have a high level character. If you don't, then this is going to take you a bit longer. At my level, I can smoke these level 50 mobs down as

Anti-AFK Archeage method

Anti-AFK Archeage

If you ant to Anti-AFK Archeage, then it's really a simple method. I have been looking through so many ways to stay online, while AFK. There have been quite a few methods listed, from staying by the Auction House to hitting