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Spawn Multiple Pylons inside Greater Rifts Cheat – Diablo 3

Diablo 3: Spawn Multiple Pylons from Greater Rifts

This is a video guide which will teach you how to spawn multiple pylons from greater rifts in Diablo 3. You can't spawn a pylon in a area you already discovered so you can use this to spawn multiple pylons

MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector

Instead of creating a specific tool to grab those free chips every 4 hours, I am going to teach you to make your own MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector. First off, you will need a Windows System to do this. It

8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run

8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run

First off, this 8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run, uses mountain climbing, and the way its setup, you won't have to run through any mobs or other nasties. It's off the beaten path, so you don't need to worry

Transfer WoW Heirlooms Between Accounts

Transfer WoW Heirlooms Between Accounts

You can use this Transfer WoW Heirlooms Between Accounts method as a way to backup your character's Heirlooms. You can even use this as a method to sell accounts with loaded Heirlooms, with just a level 10 toon on it. Your cost? A

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

When I talk about the way you can Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob, I am not talking about an instance mob, but you might be able to divine a way to do this with this method. It's fairly easy to

Archeage Level 55 Preparation

Preparing for level 55 - Archeage

Before we get into Archeage Level 55 Preparation, let's start by letting you know just how much experience is actually needed to level 50 to 55. Experience required to level *: 50 to 51: 3,672,000 51 to 52: 6,609,600 52

Auto Divine Gift Collector – Archeage

Divine Gift Auto Collector

The Auto Divine Gift Collector, works to collect Divine Gifts, while you sleep or AFK for an extended period of time. The setup is simple, and in no way interacts with the game, other then to control your mouse. You can

Clip Through Walls trick – WoW

Darkmoon Tiger

Using this 2 Man Clip Through Walls trick, you will be able to clip or port through both invisible and solid walls. However when clipping through solid walls, you may get a Line of Sight error. This has been tested

Daily MMO Workout Routine


While this Daily MMO Workout Routine was actually made for World of Warcraft, there is no reason you can't use it while playing any other MMO including Rift, Wildfire, Neverwinter, Lotro, etc. I don't however seeing this apply to Plant versus Zombies

Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source

This Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro was created to allow you to spam 4 different skills over and over. You will put them on the first 4 slots in your toolbar, so that the macro will be able to launch these

Purchase Airline Tickets Completing Surveys

It might seem a little strange that I am telling members here that they can Purchase Airline Tickets Completing Surveys. It's because we exploit and macro the game called MyVegas! For years now, I have been a card carrying member of Treasure

Simple AHK Trade Spammer Macro – Path of Exile

Simple AHK Trade Spammer Macro

Why would you want to use a Simple AHK Trade Spammer Macro? Well at times, it can be a pain in the rear retyping constantly. The thing which I really like about scripts like this, is it doesn't matter which games

League of Legends Auto-Queuer

League of Legends Auto-Queuer

The League of Legends Auto-Queuer, is free and comes with several features. This is not a game hack, but it is a clientless botting tool to level up your champions. The free version is limited to 2 accounts being played at

WoW Blender Tutorials

WoW Blender Tutorials

If you're into WoW Model Editing either for the use of making videos, changing the game, or even just for learning purposes, then these WoW Blender Tutorials are just what you've been looking for. These 4 videos in this WoW Blender

Win More LOL Games – Winners Strategies

Win More League of Legends Games

In order to Win More LOL Games, we need to learn to recognize opportunities and to take them, when they occur. By now, if you play League of Legends, you know your champion of choice. But do you know how and

AFK Mount Leveling Trick – Archeage

AFK Mount Leveling Trick

There are several ways to do AFK Mount Leveling. There are macros, bots, game hacks... or you can just use this trick I decided to share with you. While this is by no means a game breaking technique, I should

Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost

Hunter Cornered 50% Damage Boost PVP Trick

To do the Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage Boost, you need to understand one thing. You should never do this at low levels, because your pet can die with very little health, which causes your pet to be

Path of Exile MultiHack

Path of Exile MultiHack

The Path of Exile MultiHack features 4 distinct game hacks. The first is the MapHack which will allow you to see the entire map of each and every level. The Second feature is No Blind, which makes it so that particle

Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick

Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick

The WoW Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick, allows you to beat the time of your closest competitor by around 5 minutes. Since on average it takes 15-20 minutes of hardcore fishing to complete the fishing extravaganza, this ensures that you will

Archeage GM Dupe cheat

Create Server Lag - WoW Cheat

The Archeage GM Dupe is a simple process, but also a dangerous one. If you do this wrong, or try to simplify the process, you and all your friends who help you, can be suspended or banned. So test this

SOE acquired by Columbus Nova

SOE acquired by Columbus Nova an indie studio and will be renamed to Daybreak Game Company, turning its focus to multi-platform gaming.  While the cost to purchase SOE is not yet known, it is believed that the information will become