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View Archeage AH while Crafting trick


This View Archeage AH while Crafting trick, simply allows you to craft with the AH open, so that you can continue to purchase items off the AH as needed or, if you choose, list newly created items, which frees up your

GW2 Fly & Speed Hack

This GW2 Fly & Speed Hack is fairly simple in that it will simply allow you to use it to either fly around in GuildWars 2 or run super fast within the game. It also has some other useful functions, for

Simple Attack Bot – Source Code

Simple Attack Bot

This Simple Attack Bot, is a script written in AutoIt (v3), which can do some basic functions. It will allow you to cast upto 10 different spells at various times, setup buffing, as well as attacking and target acquiring. It will auto

Forge Obsidian Weapons – Archeage

To Forge Obsidian Weapons, you need to first gather the materials and know a little bit about the actual process. Use this simple guide to help you to Forge Obsidian Weapons. Excerpt from Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight It has been discovered that Anthalon, Lord

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick – WoW

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick

The Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick, will allow you to bypass the debuff, thus allowing you to use a Goblin Glider to move where you wouldn't normally be able to. The Goblin Hot Potato from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is like any other

Win Every Hearthstone Game

It is now possible to Win Every Hearthstone Game on Android & Windows. We do this with a fairly simple exploit which is available on both platforms, but with slightly different procedures. This can mean climbing the ladder very quickly without paying

Archeage New Players Tips

Here is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful.

Easy Bodyguard Leveling trick – WoW

Easy Bodyguard Leveling trick - WoW

Leveling your bodyguard doesn't need to be hard, and with this Easy Bodyguard Leveling trick, it can actually be very easy. We make it easy by simply allowing your bodyguard to fight the same mobs over and over, by resetting a

GTAV Money Hack

Why would you use a GTAV Money Hack? Sometimes you just want more money, and this is what the GTAV Money Hack is all about, being able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want - or maybe dropping hundreds

Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick – Diablo 3

The Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick, will allow each member of the party to loot a Blood Thief Goblin in Diablo 3. If done correctly each member can gain upwards of 4000+ bloodshards for each party member*. You will need at least 2 party members

Create a Chat Spammer for MMO’s

It's fairly simple to Create a Chat Spammer, if you are able to create in-game macros and then assign them to your toolbar or hotkeys. For this Chat Spammer, I am going to assume 2 things. First that you can make

Counter Archer Disarm – Archeage

Have you had a Trade Pack or other items taken because you were unable to Counter Archer Disarm in Archeage? Then it's time to understand this specialized attack, and then to counter it. I finally figured out how archers can just

Summon mailbox without engineering – WoW

Talonpriest Ishall

If you have Engineering in WoW, then you won't need to use this trick. But if you don't, then this trick (which can also be annoying) will allow you to Summon mailbox without engineering.

Win More MyVegas Jackpots tricks

Maximize Chip Gain Strategy Guide

There are 2 ways to ensure that you Win More MyVegas Jackpots. The first way to Win More MyVegas Jackpots, depends on when you play. It's best to play in the early mornings around 4am to 7am PST. I am

Warlock Demonic Circle Speed Buff Cheat – WoW

If you're a Destruction or Demonology spec Warlock, then you can use this Warlock Demonic Circle Speed Buff Cheat. It allows you to use Soulburn, while in a different spec. This is great for Arenas, RGB's, and other PVP skirmishes.

Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm – Path of Exile

Arcanist Box Farming Alarm

The Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm is a set of scripts which will detect Arcanist Strongboxes on random maps, and when found will set off an alarm. It will also auto-create said maps, so that you only need to sit back

Locals Use Out-Of-Town MyVegas Rewards trick

MyVegas logo small

There are 2 parts to this Locals Use Out-Of-Town MyVegas Rewards trick. This is only for locals to Las Vegas, which includes Mesquite NV and Laughlin NV (as wells as the Las Vegas suburbs) or anywhere else which is restricted from

Library Boss Fights Video Guide – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Here are a few different videos showing each of the Library Boss Fights for Archeage. Instead of just rushing in, if you follow these video guides, you will be able to take down the bosses quickly and efficiently working as a

FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide PDF Download

FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide

This FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide PDF was updated for patch 2.4 on March 15th, 2015. It's the latest rendition of this FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide. You won't find a newer guide then this one, in terms of having the latest content

EVE Pilot Bot Reset

EVE Pilot Bot Reset

If you use the Trial Version of EVE Pilot Bot then you will be limited to 50 runs at 2M each. This EVE Pilot Bot Reset will help you get around the limitation for a short time by extending the timers.