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Hellfire Rare Farming Guide

Hellfire Rare Farming can be a daunting task, unless you use this guide, which will make farming the Champions of Hellfire Citadel mobs more effective. The Champions of Hellfire Citadel are 4 rare elite mobs, which need to be hunted down, thus

Peans Undetected Multihack – CSGO

Peans Undetected Multihack

Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO   Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO will no longer be worked on, this is the final edition. It was written in Auto Hot Key, and you will need to download and install it, in order

Jump Through Walls trick – WoW

Jump Through Walls trick

This Jump Through Walls trick, allows you to jump through some walls, with the help of an in-game item, which came courtesy of the 6.2 patch. You can use this item to get up on ledges and walls in dungeons which

Archeage Pirate Faction Guide

Archeage Pirate Faction Guide

This Archeage Pirate Faction Guide, should introduce you to the Pirate faction. I have been a Pirate for about a month now. If your experience wasn't as glossy, or if you want to share a story, leave it in a comment

CSGO CT-T Buying Weapons & Armor Guide

This CSGO CT-T Buying Guide, will teach you what to buy in the first 3 rounds. Of course when you buy, it depends on which map you are on and which side, Terrorist or Counter-terrorist. Another thing to take into

Heroes Ranking Overview – HotS

HotS - Murky

Greetings Terrans,   I was a League of Legends player that was top 30 NA somewhere before they allowed EU transfers, this was over 3 years ago. Then I got fed up with Riot Games bull and left.   Anyway,what

Fast Saberstalkers Rep – WoW

Fast Saberstalkers Rep - WoW

There is a way to gain super Fast Saberstalkers Rep in World of Warcraft. It's due to a really fast respawn rate, which in turn allows you to gain 15k-20k rep per hour. Saberstalkers is a new faction which was added

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

It's fairly easy to Explore Under WoW Shipyards, we can do this with a simple trick to get under the world, and then swim around underneath (see screenshot and instruction below).

Bluestacks Resize RAM & Window Size Tool

Bluestacks Resize RAM & Window Size Tool

The Bluestacks Resize RAM & Window Size Tool has 2 functions. The first, allows you to reset the size of the window to whatever you want it. The second function of the Bluestacks Resize RAM & Window Size Tooll is to

Freeze Your Character WoW Macro

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source

There is a nice little macro which will allow you to Freeze Your Character where ever they are for as much time as you want. Imagine being chased by a group of enemies in PVP, jumping off a bridge to get

WoW Gold Farming

Earn 2000 gold each character daily

WoW Gold Farming hasn't changed much over the years, but there are still some things which are still static, as far as which ways are the easiest and most profitable. In this case, we are going to list the easiest

Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 – Steam Version

Why would you want to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24? Well it's believed that when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 you can avoid the anti-cheat which might have been implemented into GTAV 1.26. Another reason to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, is that not everyone

Chen Brew Build Guide – HotS

Chen Brew Build Guide - HotS

I came up with a Chen Brew Build Guide which after playing Chen Brew all the way to level 12, I can say that I have perfected a build that will wet your pallet for some brew, as well as

Sandboxie for gamers

Sandboxie for gamers

If you're new to the world of gaming, then you might wonder how Sandboxie could be a great tool for gamers. Well first I should clarify. Sandboxie is good for gamers who like to bot or use game hacks. While VMWare

Minecraft Ghost Client Game Hack

The Minecraft Ghost Client is a server admin's worst nightmare. It supports multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). It also features some stealth tools like a Proxy Manager, Hidden Handshake Handler, Safe Pings and Protocol Switcher. Besides this Minecraft Ghost Client contains lots

HotS Gold Farming Guide – Heroes of the Storm

HotS Gold Farming Guide - Heroes of the Storm

This is a HotS Gold Farming Guide for F2P players on gold acquisition in Heroes of the Storm. It sets out how much gold you can earn as well as a short list of your potential first 10 Heroes for

The Steam Monster Summer Sale Starts Now!

The Steam Monster Summer Sale is here! For the next eleven days, take advantage of huge savings throughout our store on thousands of games. Check back every 12 hours to see new Daily Deals. You can even help unlock additional

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks is a collection of game hacks for Global Strike Counter Offensive which will give you distinct advantages over your enemies within the game, including but not limited to bomb timers, slow aim, anti-recoil, and glow on players which

Lag7 GameHack

The Lag7 GameHack is a tool for Windows which will allow you create artificial lag in games. Since this is not a game hack which interacts directly with any game, there should not be any problems with suspensions or bans.

RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat

RAF Darkmoon Cheat - Darkmoon Faire Race

The RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat, requires first that you have a RAF linked account, and second that you are ready to use this RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat in the Darkmoon Faire. For this particular cheat, we will be doing the Darkmoon Faire Race.