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First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick

First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick

The First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick for WoW, will allow you to build up your attacks, so that you have embers, rage, icicles, orbs etc, stacked and procs ready for your first foray into a dungeon or raid.

Java Rotation Bot – WoW

Java Rotation Bot

This Java Rotation Bot, works with screenshots, an addon, and sending keys. It in no way messes with or reads the memory of World of Warcraft, which means it's much less likely to be detected then any other rotation bot.

Archeage Labor Efficiency

Archeage Labor Efficiency

With variable market prices I am going to share this Archeage Labor Efficiency guide, which will help you to understand what is the most efficient way to spend Labor. First off, I use a couple Acronyms. They make it easier

ISP Blocked – Solution

If you've ever been ISP Blocked, it usually starts with limited access, and finally, a lack there of. Now for me, when I became ISP Blocked, I just thought something was wrong with my computer, my ethernet card, maybe even

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep Easy

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep can be achieved with a little trick which will allow you to respawn a set of mobs which give 12 rep each in the Scale of Sands faction. This  trick is useful not only for rep,

Zygor’s WoW Guide

Zygor's WoW Guide is known throughout the World of Warcraft community to be the best all around guide for WoW players, both for those looking for gold farming as well as those looking to level up in the fastest way possible without

Attack While Camoflaged – Hunter Pet Exploit – WoW

Attack While Camoflaged - Hunter Pet Exploit

Here's a neat little exploit which will allow your pet to attack while camoflaged, which won't pull you out of camoflage. The effect is short lived, but should be enough for you to pull some interesting tactics on your victim.

Target Priority Guide – HotS

HotS - Murky

When it comes to Team Fighting, it's important to know as a team who your Target Priority should be. Of course it can all change in a moment, by what is happening when and which heroes you are running. Teams and comps