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PVP Emote Trolling – ESO

While this PVP Emote Trolling is intended for Trolling PVP Players, you might have a use for it besides PVP players (let us know). This PVP Emote Trolling trick, will allow you to do emotes while hidden. It will work

WoW Dupe Working on Live

This WoW Dupe Working on Live, is a monumental trick which will allow you to make WoW gold, very easily. It will give you a chance at some super rare items or to make around a potential 2000g per session.

Transfer Gold Between Servers – WoW

The method to Transfer Gold Between Servers in WoW, is actually kind of easy, with a little preparation. In order to Transfer Gold Between Servers, we are going to use a BattlePet exploit. This method is fairly well known, and

WoW SendKey Loop

WoW SendKey Loop will send the numeric keys to World of Warcraft, while attaching itself to the WoW process. This is great to use as a followbot, that is an alt character which follows you around and simply casts simple

Avoid Dungeon Deserter Debuff trick – WoW

If you're like me and need to run a specific dungeon but want to try and queue through random dungeons, it's important to Avoid Dungeon Deserter Debuff. By queueing random, you still get the extra items, it's a gamble -

Level 98-100 Speed Level Method – WoW

In this last patch, WoW made some changes to leveling XP, so this Level 98-100 Speed Level method could hold a special place in your heart. Blizzard made it harder to level 98-100 by increasing the XP needed to level.

Free Frostwolf Battlegear – WoW

This Free Frostwolf Battlegear trick, will allow you to purchase each of the Frostwolf Battlegear pieces at no cost to you. It's a minimal cost item and for Leather wearing characters only (Rogue, Monk, Druid), but still a nice trick

Hunter Pet Leveling Exploit – WoW

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. There is a Hunter Pet Leveling Exploit, which will allow you to have a level 80 Hunter pet, while you are only level 72 (or 91 at 83, etc). Using

Double Mundus Stone Buffs trick – ESO

Mundus Stones are available to every player, and can always be interacted with, although only one Mundus Stone buff effect may be active at a time, unless you use this Double Mundus Stone Buffs trick. Interacting with a new Mundus Stone

Farm Companions & Mounts 10 minutes daily

If you're trying to Farm Companions & Mounts, then here's a little tip which along with farming just 10 minutes a day, will give you access to 12 companions and 27 mounts. No, it's not going to take just 10

Tooth and Claw quest 5 Minutes – WoW

Tooth and Claw quest

Sometimes the daily quests we need to complete, are long and tedious. The Tooth and Claw quest is one of those which can normally be one which takes upto an hour. However a method has been found, to reduce the time

WoW Emu Dupe Bug

This WoW Emu Dupe Bug used to work on WoW live, now it works on some Emulated WoW Servers only. Which ones is works on, I don't know for sure, you will need to test it to find out for

Win $300 in a WoW LoL Survey

If you play WoW or LOL, you qualify to Win $300 in a WoW LoL Survey. All you need to do, is fill out accurate information and complete a simple survey - all information will be held anonymously, and the

Ark Survival Evolved Overview

This game is still in development, so this Ark Survival Evolved Overview is very basic at the moment. Later is might be expanded as the game adds content, removes content, or fixes bugs. If you want to contribute, please leave a

Win Solo Domination Everytime – WoT

To explain How to Win Solo Domination Everytime, we must explain first, that you should have a fast moving light tank or medium tank. We did this with a Leopard. The basics of if is to find a solo heavy tank,

WTFast Real or Scam? Answered Here

WTFast Real or Scam?

To answer the question of WTFast Real or Scam? We need to take a few things into consideration. First, what is WTFast? WTFast is a tunneling tool, which allows you to connect to their high-speed, low ping servers with custom software.

Loot Chests Multiple Times – WoW

Loot Chests Multiple Times

There are a few specific chests which will allow you to Loot Chests Multiple Times. It may be possible to use this exploit on other WoW Chests, but hasn't been tested in all the other locations yet.   The stipulation to this,

HotS Leadership Role – Heroes of the Storm

Leadership Role

One of the trickiest roles in Heroes of the Storm is the HotS Leadership Role. A very useful thing to have in a team, a Leader is the person on the team who will make the ultimate decisions in-game. If

Prevent Stolen Tradepacks – Archeage Hauler Trick

Prevent Stolen Tradepacks

If you're playing Archeage, and tired of being ganked for a tradepack, then here's a surprise for you. You can now Prevent Stolen Tradepacks with this trick. No more worrying if someone is going to gank you, no more worrying about

Super Shrink Trick

You probably look at gnomes and think they are small, you might even think of them as akin to a football. Heck I can think of plenty I would like to punt across the field, but now is your chance

Endless Garrison Resources – WoW

Endless Garrison Resources - WoW

Imagine being able to gather Endless Garrison Resources in World of Warcraft. And by Endless, I mean 400-500 an hour. These Garrison resources can then be changed to mats at a tradepost by purchasing work orders or alternatively to ship parts,