Skin Swap Player to Monster – Diablo 3

Skin Swap Player to MonsterWhen Diablo 3 came out, I figured out how to Skin Swap Player to Monster. Basically to morph my character's appearance into any of the monsters in the game, similar to how we did in Diablo 2. I've been doing this for years having so much fun and now that I've figured out how to edit the player's scale, add particle effects and even morph his weapon, I think it's time for me to share with you my Skin Swap Player to Monster secret.

DISCLAIMER!!! I will only teach you how to change the APPEARANCE, ANIMATION, SIZE and SPECIAL PARTICLE FX of your character. I will NOT teach you how to do anything that Blizzard can construe as cheating such as changing your character's stats or giving him spells or attacks that the player characters normally don't have access to. Again, I have been using this trick every time I have played for years now and have not gotten banned once. This is because it is NOT cheating. If you try and tamper with anything else about your character other than his appearance and you get banned, I will NOT be held accountable!

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