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Card Counter Trick – Casino Blackjack

I don't usually post anything to do with any Card Counter Trick on Casino Blackjack, but the other night I saw an awesome strategy. This method actually allows you set the deck up with the proper count, and fool everyone into

Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount – WoW

Here's a Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Farming guide for World of Warcraft. This mount is beautiful to say the least, but at 150k Apexis Crystals, it can take 2-3 months if you don't know how to do this in a much

Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick

Using this Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick, you will be able to kill a single mob repeatedly for good XP, even at level 95. This then allows you to level quickly upto level 100 or so. Simply kill, reset, kill again. The

Windows 10 Torrent Updates Stealing Bandwidth

Windows 10 Torrent Updates have been Stealing Bandwidth. It's a great idea, don't get me wrong, but the moment you go idle for a bit, you start seeding - heavily. If you're a gamer, who on occasion goes AFK, you might

EverQuest Dupe Bug – Fixed

Use this EverQuest Dupe Bug, at your own risk. If you get caught, you lose your account - so make sure to only try this on new accounts. I have been told that this is the correct method -and- that some

Skin Swap Player to Monster – Diablo 3

When Diablo 3 came out, I figured out how to Skin Swap Player to Monster. Basically to morph my character's appearance into any of the monsters in the game, similar to how we did in Diablo 2. I've been doing

Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod

The Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod, adds stress to the game. By stress, I mean that being awake, causes stress. Being in combat, increases stress. Being low on health causes stress. Radiation poisoning causes even more stress. You get the idea...

Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker

There is a little trick which will allow you to Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker. Mind you, I'm talking about the ones which take a few days, because you need to farm Apexis Crystals. There is a simple trick, which will allow

1-70 Monk Leveling Guide – Diablo 3

While this Diablo 3 1-70 Monk Leveling Guide was made for monks specifically (abilities/skills), you may be able to apply the knowledge within for other classes as well. I've run three Level 1-70 characters in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Do you use a WoW Fishbot?

Do you use a WoW Fishbot? Do you wish you had a safe place to fishbot, without the worry that someone is going to report you for fishing hours on end? Don't worry, this spot is meant for fishbotters and

Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick

The Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick will allow you - at low levels - to secure a pet with a powerful buff which increases it's health 11k. What this means, is that your pet will be nigh invincible in Battlegrounds

WoD Crafting Spreadsheet – WoW

The WoD Crafting Spreadsheet was created to include every single craftable item within Warlords of Draenor. No more guessing to see if whatever you want to craft is going to make you money, simply tab out, add the information required

Configurable Trove Fishbot Download

I guess this is probably the first Trove Fishbot. This Trove Fishbot, will allow you to fish in Water, Lava, or Chocolate. There are actually 2 versions of this Fishbot, 32bit and 64bit versions of your OS. You will also