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Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick – WoW

The Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick also works on the Gurubashi Arena in STV! Every 3 hours there is a pvp event for a chest that you can loot. The first 12 times you loot the chest, you aren't going to get

Brightwing Tips & Tricks – HotS

With over 700 games on Brightwing, it's time we took a look and offered you some Brightwing Tips & Tricks. Brightwing has undergone some changes since being first introduced, but she's still a strong champion, for those who want to learn

Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket – WoW

Today I’m going to share how to get a Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket on raid boss pulls, though only a few will be able to get the double legendary trinket proc. This Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket only works

Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide

In order to start Winning Hearthstone Arena, it might be a good idea to first explain what the Hearthstone Arena is. Hearthstone is the game that's popped up on everyone's radar these last few months as a multi-platform game, many are

Temporarily Raise ilvl – WoW

There might be times when you need to Temporarily Raise ilvl in WoW. This might be because you just joined a LFR or LFG queue, and need to ensure that you have the proper ilvl to qualify, or it might be

Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs – Diablo3

This newest Hellfire Amulet Exploit All Passive buffs, is a game breaking exploit. Imagine having all Hellfire Amulet Passive buffs at once. Thats the newest Diablo 3 game breaking exploit which was discovered mere hours ago. Expect a fix incoming in

Veteran Imperial City Prison – ESO Guide

If you've been looking for a Veteran Imperial City Prison ESO Guide, today is your lucky day. We came across this guide with commentary from a Nightblade tank perspective.  Since update 7 came out no one else bothered to make any guide

WoW Legion info via DragonCon 2015

Recently, some more WoW LEGION info via DragonCon 2015 was released to the public. Here's what they had to say about the new World of Warcraft LEGION expansion...

DK One Shot Bosses in Old Kingdom – WoW

With the new Timewalking feature, old bosses are being rediscovered, one of them is in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. A DK One Shot Bosses in this area, using a specific exploit. It's actually an old exploit, but one which hasn't been fixed,

Scale Timewalking Gear – WoW

Don't you wish you could Scale Timewalking Gear in World of Warcraft? I hate it when I pick up a nice piece of WoW gear, only to find I will quickly out level it. This trick allows you to pickup Timewalking gear,

Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick

I was kind of surprised to learn about this Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick. If you are level 90, and already have Draenor Pathfinder, then you will be able to level much quicker to level 100. In fact, in our tests,

Quick WoW Gold Method

This Quick WoW Gold Method, comes via the newest patch to WoW. It can easily net you some tens of thousands of gold, but as more and more people learn of it, the less this Quick WoW Gold Method will be

Darrens Bombing Run tricks – WoW

There are several tricks that you can use with the World of Warcraft Quest called Darrens Bombing Run of Awesomeness. If you do not have the quest yet, you can join a battleground, join the Looking for Raid queue, or just

Upgrade EVE Online free during 30 day trial

To use this method to Upgrade EVE Online free during 30 day trial, is a matter of following a simple video guide. It will allow you to easily farm up enough materials, much of it while AFK, to pay for