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DayZ Pattern Finder

The DayZ Pattern Finder will scan your DayZ files in the opes of finding "offsets" which can then be exploited. We know it works for the current version of DayZ (.59) may or may not work for later versions.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Cheat Table

The Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Cheat Table is a cheat table which you can use with Cheat Engine in Multiplayer mode. It will give you the following possiblities: Infinite Ammo Infinite Grenades Infinite Health Infinite Thruster/Jetpack

Rare Transmogs Find – WoW

You might not have known this, but there is a high chance you have some Rare Transmogs on your account, if you created your account prior to the release of Cataclysm. You didn't even have to do anything other then create

LEGION Transmog Preparations – WoW

I decided it's time to start doing some LEGION Transmog Preparations. With this, I have been working out how to actually become prepared for LEGION and the best way I can think of is with transmog. While others will be farming

Hidden Treasure in Concord – Fallout 4

You might have missed the Hidden Treasure in Concord. We find the treasure right after we take down the first Deathclaw. In fact you probably already visited Concord, if you're following the main questline - which most people do. Concord is

Faster LFR Completion – WoW

A little trick for Faster LFR Completion (Looking For Raid), which means that you can hit your max amount of LFR's each day quicker. This in turn means that using this trick, you can also farm Valor Points much quicker. Imagine

Bot Rare Mounts Safely – WoW

It is possible to Bot Rare Mounts Safely, so that your account doesn't receive a ban, but you will have to use this specific method. First off, you're going to need to use a botting software, and there are several which

Play Rift? Learn the Easy Patron Trick

If you Play Rift, then there is a little Patron trick I was hoping to teach some of you. You see, I still play it, along with ESO and Armored Warfare. But alas, this trick is about whether or not

Fallout 4 Robotics Junkyard

Have you already found the Fallout 4 Robotics Junkyard? It's the one place where robotic parts are in abundance, a virtual goldmine for Fallout 4 players. Imagine coming across a couple Fusion Cores. You read right, 2! There are however more uses

Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost

We can use an item to give Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost. Basically we will find a few mobs usually trash or critters to waylay, activate and item, and store up the damage for a Timewalking Dungeon Boss. The key to

Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location

To understand where to find the Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location, we first need to know the name of this secret boss. It's Swan. Swan is a somewhat powerful Fallout 4 Secret Boss , so you will probably want to know how

Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming

It's begun. The age of the Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming, that is. In World of Tanks is started with Tank Buddy, which was an AFK bot which would enter into games, and start playing for you. The TankBuddy bot,

CSGO Polyhack – Slow aim, Radar, Triggerbot

The CSGO Polyhack features the following game hacks: Triggerbot (alt hold), SlowAim, Health Based ESP, Radar, and Bunnyhop (makes getting shot much more difficult). What is a PolyHack and why is it superior to other hacks? A PolyHack is a regular CS:GO hack, but it utilizes

Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download – Free

The Fallout 4 PDF Guide is a PDF which gives you everything you need to play Fallout 4, with massive tips, builds, zone maps, guides, and walk-throughs. This Fallout 4 PDF Guide is all encompassing and covers every part of

PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler

PolyLoader 2.0 Gamehack Compiler is a program that opens hack files, randomizes the source code and compiles it. This process results in an application that is very hard to detect for VAC and many other anti-cheat gateways because the signature changes every time.

Fallout 4 Torrent Download

Before I go into the information for this Fallout 4 Torrent Download, understand that no file is hosted here. We are merely linking to the Fallout 4 Torrent Download, which is available elsewhere. We are not seeding this file, nor hosting the actual

BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table

The BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table, is a set of offsets to use with the PC version of COD BlackOps 3. You can use these to make your own trainer, or to change the game to your liking - at least

ESO Templar Guide PDF Download

Use the tips in this ESO Templar Guide, to turn into a one-man army that disciplines foes, saves allies with healing and protection spells, and outlasts everyone else as the toughest tank in the game. Get all the basics of Templar leveling

Fallout 4 Money Cheat

If you're worried about running out of money, then this Fallout 4 Money Cheat is for you. While it works now, be aware that in the near future, it probably won't. For that reason it's recommended that you get in Fallout 4

Editable Rapid Repeat Script

This Editable Rapid Repeat Script was written in AutoHotKey and will allow you to press the left mouse button, to repeatedly fire off any key that you choose. Basically, instead of pressing a key over and over, this Editable Rapid Repeat Script

Secret Developer Room – Fallout 4

Have you heard about the Secret Developer Room in Fallout 4? It's the ultimate room which has anything you could ask for in Fallout 4... well ask for once, anyways. The Secret Developer Room contains one of each weapon, all of the