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Unlock DLC Steam Content tool – COD:BO3

Now you can do a complete Unlock DLC Steam Content in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for when you play solo mode. All it takes is this tool, and a free weekend, to download the files needed to open your

Dungeon Double Loot trick – Warmane Emulated WoW Server

The Dungeon Double Loot trick, requires that you can solo a boss in a dungeon. It will allow you to skip all the trash in a dungeon to kill the boss, and then kill it again, thus allowing for the Dungeon

Force First Spin Wins – MyVegas Cheat

I decided it's time to share how to Force First Spin Wins. Now if you aren't familiar with the First Spin Win rule, let me explain. Any new game which comes out for the Facebook version of MyVegas, will almost always

Troll Same Faction – WoW

Well, I figured out a way to Troll Same Faction, but only on Local Defense. I came up with this idea, after I read about how people flag other toons, namely warlocks and hunters, by throwing stuff at the toon's pet.

Temporary GameGuard Bypass

This Temporary GameGuard Bypass is just that, temporary. If you want to inject code into your game, and only need a few moments to do it, then this is probably the best solution for you. It does require a 3rd party

Disable Battleye Guide – DayZ

When you Disable Battleye, you can make it so that you can apply game hacks to DayZ. This is only a Disable Battleye Guide, teaching you how exactly to disable the game protection allowing you to hack the game. This does not

Protect Botted Gold – WoW

I am not sure why people bot on WoW and not take steps to Protect Botted Gold. It's really simple and only costs $5-$7.50, depending on what the prices are of a new WoW CDKey. These botters - who again just

mod_s0beit – GTA5 Game Hack

mod_s0beit v3.4ff for Grand Theft Auto 5 patch 1.3 is a game hack which will give you unlimited amounts of money, grief your fellow players, make yourself God like, and so many more options. Imagine giving yourself 5M dollars in

Easy Guild Rep Guide – World of Warcraft

Easy Guild Rep is really shortsighted in title. Really it's the super easy, even your younger brother could grind guild rep fast kind of thing. We do the Easy Guild Rep, with a simple quest.  Note: This Easy Guild Rep method, is

2015 Holiday Giveaway Answers – Hearthhead

With this Hearthhead 2015 Holiday Giveaway Answers, we point you to all of the links you need to visit in order to qualify for all of the prizes being given away by Blizzard, Alienware, and Hearthhead. NOTE: Hearthhead Information must be

Firing Missiles – Armored Warfare

When you're Firing Missiles, it's a bit different then firing with regular ammo, and when I say regular, I am talking about all of the various types of ammo versus Missiles.

Overkill Mod – PayDay 2

Overkill Mod is a mod to PayDay 2 which allows LUA scripts to be added which will change everything about the game. This light-weight trainer is a BLT mod that you can simply drag-and-drop. Inspired by the slick presentation of Hejoro's

2015 Winter Holiday Giveaway Guide – WoWHead

With this WoWHead 2015 Winter Holiday Giveaway Guide, we point you to all of the links you need to visit in order to qualify for all of the prizes being given away by Blizzard, Alienware, and WoWHead. NOTE: WoWHead Information

WoW Fishing Bot Download – Packet Editing Script

These days it's hard to find a working WoW Fishing Bot. But don't worry, we got you covered. This particular WoW Fishing Bot however uses packet reading and sending to work, so it doesn't work in the traditional way of reading pixels

Zygor’s WoW Guides v5.0.x Download

Zygor's WoW Guide contains all of the World of Warcraft guides to this date (15 August 2016). This is the complete version of the guides, which contains all the leveling guides, and the latest LEGION guides including Demon Hunter Builds, Leveling, and

Is Game Hacking Useful in Life?

To answer the question, Is Game Hacking Useful in Life? One must actually look at what Game Hacking actually is. It's breaking down code, reverse engineering, code writing, learning networking protocols, and debugging. It's useful in creating games, tools, and programs.

How to Post Links in Steam Chat

I'm not sure how many people know How to Post Links in Steam Chat nor even how many people even use Steam Chat. These days, most people probably use either Skype or Facebook chat, but if you play games, then you

SWTOR Nude Hack – NSFW

I can't believe we forgot to put up a SWTOR Nude Hack for Star Wars: The Old Republic (thanks to our fans for pointing that out). I know a guy who runs a powerleveling company, while he works for another company

Timewalking Dungeon DPS Boost – WoW

This Timewalking Dungeon DPS Boost for Deathknights however has me a bit baffled, as far as WoW Cheats go. It will Increase your DPS to OP levels! By Over-Powered I'm talking about increasing your DPS to almost 20x what you should

Remove Temporary Spell Lock – WoW

Not many people know this, but you can Remove Temporary Spell Lock, after you purchase a level up token in World of Warcraft. Also known as the World of Warcraft instant level 90 boost.   Your spells and abilities, even

InsaneRabbit S4 League Hack Tool

To use the InsaneRabbit S4 League Hack Tool first, you will need a working S4 League Bypass (posted earlier today for those who don't yet have one). You will also need the tool itself (posted below). It offers Godmode, Infinite Ammo,