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Bypass survey walls with fake information – Tutorial

How to bypass survey walls with fake information is a tutorial meant for those who have never encountered a survey wall. It's meant to guide you through, so you can download the content from this site (and others) without the Bot – Free Download

Wouldn't you like to run a Bot? A bot for is what I consider to be one of the better Hacks - in that it can not only bot for you, but allow you to advertise in the

Death and Recovery Guide for Blade and Soul

This is just a short Death and Recovery Guide for Blade and Soul, and gives you a brief overview of what you need to know about the death, the Worn out State, Chi Meditation, and team members help when you receive

WoW Leveling Guides – Free Download

These days, there are two definitive WoW Leveling Guides one being Zygor's Leveling guide and the other being Dugi's leveling guide. There are of course more then these 2 WoW Leveling Guides, but these are the more popular.  WoW Leveling Guides Today,

Lag7 Tool Re-Upload

What is the Lag7 Tool? Well, it's a tool which will allow you to create lag, and to use it at certain times. Originally, it's uses were used mainly for World of Warcraft, but today, with so many different MMOs

Xingcode 3 dump – Reverse Engineer

If you want to explore or reverse engineer Xingcode 3 to make a bypass, you first need Xingcode 3. So here's a dump of Xingcode 3. This dump contains the current x3.xem and xcorona.xem. They were dumped by wwwc (all credit) with the themida/winlicense

Rare 100k Gold Item Farming guide – WoW

How in the world (of warcraft) can there be a Rare 100k Gold item? Tis true however. There is an item which is so rare in WoW, that it can go for as much as 100k in WoW Gold. Why? Because

The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone

These The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone should help to instruct you on some basics of survival into the Dark Zone. It's not a catch all group of tips, but is intended to help those who are not yet

POE Smoother Effects Remover – Path of Exile

The POE Smoother Effects Remover works to remove particles and other effects which may slow down your game or inhibit your playing the game. This tool uses VisualGGPK - many thanks to it's devs.

EVE Pilot Trial Extender

The EVE Pilot Trial Extender will extend the length of time you can use the EVE Pilot bot. This program will extend your limited trial from the 2 hour limitation and 50 total instances run. It will also remove the limitation

PVP Dobok Guide for Blade and Soul

I think that a PVP Dobok Guide for Blade and Soul is needed to help us all understand what it is and how to obtain them. Equipment in Blade and Soul's armor system is different from other mmos. Doboks do not change

Solo Falcon Lost – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Before I teach you how to Solo Falcon Lost with the Shoot Through Walls Glitch, I want to stress that this is a new method which was found yesterday. It does not use the "Sticky Bomb Glitch" which was recently fixed.

Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips

Dark Souls III beckons all of us and we hope that you will appreciate our small offering here to appease the beast with these Dark Souls 3 Starter Tips. The game has been out for merely a few days and we can

Homeland Security Recommends You Uninstall QuickTime

IT security firms and the United States government department of Homeland Security Recommends You Uninstall QuickTime from Apple from all Windows based computer systems, after cybersecurity experts from Trend Micro picked up two bugs that could leave users vulnerable to viruses and

Dark Souls 3 Network Fix & Free Download

The Dark Souls 3 Network Fix will prevent Dark Souls III from continually trying to connect to outside servers. This is only useful if you have blocked DarkSouls 3 with your firewall and are experiencing lag anyways. So, assuming you are

Make $350 yearly with $30 investment – Life Hack

Why am I going to teach you how to Make $350 yearly with $30 investment? I am probably one of the last people you would think would know how to many money online. But I have had both success and

The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table

What exactly is the The Division Multi-Hack? Its a long list of hacks which can be used on the Windows version of Tom Clancy's The Division. The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table works with Cheat Engine and the screenshots below will show the The

Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online

What is the Perma Stun Bosses Trick? It's a trick which while harnessing the power of an in-game item which can be purchased from a couple different NPC vendors for Contribution Points, will allow you to permanently stun any and

Extra Medkits Cheat – The Division

If you're playing The Division, then you might find it useful to have this Extra Medkits Cheat. Instead of holding 5, you can hold a max of 7 with some simple instructions.

SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack – Free Download

To use this SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack, you will not need any special installers, you will simply need to backup a file and replace it with this one, in the official game directory. This game hack will allow you to

13 Life Hacks to Planning your Vacation

Once in a while, I like to throw in a Life Hack - and in this case, it's something important which will help anyone - 13 Life Hacks to Planning your Vacation. I recently spoke with a man who was