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Amazon Prime Day is Coming

Amazon Prime Day is a bigger even then Black Friday, for Amazon. But it's only open for Amazon Prime customers. Amazon Prime Day is a day of sales for the members of Amazon Prime. I have some great news for

Wizard Firebug Exploit – Diablo 3

This Wizard Firebug Exploit, could help achieve higher grift levels. I guess there are a few different Firebug Exploits, this one improves on the Firebug exploit, doesn't replace it. You can enter the grift with 50 stacks already on your Wiz. 

Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android

Did you know it's possible to Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android then you already do? There are 2 tricks, which will help you here, keep reading and I will tell you about them. By now, I hope you have read

CSGO PolyHack Suite – Free Download

The CSGO PolyHack Suite combines ESP glow, radar hack, triggerbot, and recoil control. This is mostly a copy/paste from Merccy's code, however some features which are detectable have been removed, others have been updated. This is my first time doing anything

StarWars Battlefront Multihack – Free Download

The StarWars Battlefront Multihack is a collection of hacks including ESP (similar to a radar) of unseen players, aim bot, show enemy locations and distance, and even an auto-reload. But these are just some of the features, there are many more.

DayZ Dupe Method

Below, I have written the instructions on how to perform the DayZ Dupe Method. It should be noted, you can lose items, and there is work to fix it... In the mean time however, you can use this to dupe

Temple of Anubis Map – Overwatch Guide

This Overwatch Guide is for the Temple of Anubis Map. It's meant to give you a deep level awareness of the game, so that you know your surroundings and are able to use this new found awareness to dominate your

Nippys Trove Fish Bot with Offsets – Free Download

Nippys Trove Fish Bot has been updated. What is it? Nippys Trove Fishbot is the only bot for Trove which is free and will fish in all kinds of liquids in multiple windows, while you are AFK. Each time there

AQW Void Aura Bot – Farm Necrotic Sword of Doom

The AQW Void Aura Bot, will allow you to Farm the Necrotic Sword of Doom in Glitched Rooms. How do you make glitched rooms? That's explained below in the member's area below. If you already know how to make glitched rooms, then you

Prince of Persia Free Download

To get this Prince of Persia Free Download, you only need an Ubisoft account. This month, Ubisoft is giving away Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The game is being given away as part of their 30 year anniversary. As part of

Black Desert Online Guide – Free Download

This is your own personal copy of a well written Black Desert Online Guide. There is no official level cap within the game Black Desert Online. However leveling is most important feature in the game. You should, try to reach

The Division Outfits and Locations Guide

The Division Outfits and Locations Guide is a listing of Outfits and other items for The Division, what they provide, and how to get them. Some of them will require you to purchase other items, some of them that you simply

Temple of Anubis Reaper Teleportation Cheat

Before you say that this Temple of Anubis Reaper Teleportation Cheat has been fixed, let me assure you that the last major patch fixed most of the teleportation points, but not all of them. We are going to be using this

Free Loot for FFXIV via Amazon

There is a little trick which will allow you to gain some Free Loot for FFXIV via Amazon. These items include costumes, masks, a mount, and some wings for your character. Its all part of the Summer DLC Campaign! for FINAL

HotS Leveling Bot – Free Download

Heroes of the Storm has been out for a while now, and while searching for a full featured HotS Leveling Bot, we came across a little gem, which is hardly mentioned anywhere. Its not very well known, but it's free

Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks

Some of the characters you can play have some Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks that you can perform, with the usage of some of your weapons. I think my favorite is the use of a rocket launcher, but here are several you

Kill Bastion Easily – Overwatch Trick

You'll be able to Kill Bastion Easily with this Overwatch Trick. Anyone who plays Bastion, probably knows that because as a turret, it's best to set down with a wall at your back, to avoid sneak attacks. But that is

Max Mining in 2 hours – WoW

Imagine being able to Max Mining in 2 hours in World of Warcraft. This isn't an old guide where leveling to 450 might have taken all day, no it's all the way from 1-700. Of course there are leveling guides out

Warcraft Movie Review – A fan’s perspective

I have to be honest here on this Warcraft Movie Review. I wasn't impressed as a long time player of World of Warcraft. The continuity should have followed the game, it did not. There were various issues which leads me

Social Media Database Breaches

Of some concern lately, has been all of the Social Media Database Breaches. If you look around, it will tell you that LinkedIn was recently breached, also there is the possibility of the following: MySpace, VK, Badoo, and Twitter. Heck, even

Zygor WoW Guides v6 Free Download

Zygor's Leveling and Loremaster guide is the ultimate tool for players who want to level up quickly and earn the coveted Loremaster achievement. This guide will lead you quest by quest through every zone, telling you exactly where you need to go,