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Nightbane with time to spare

Nightbane with time to spare gives you an extra 5-10 minutes saved, following these simple instructions. It's a WoW cheat worthy of anyone who likes doing things the easy way. In order to follow this Nightbane with time to spare

Elder Scrolls Skyrim PDF Guides – Free Download

Elder Scrolls Skyrim PDF Guides are a collection of guides courtesy of Prima Game Guides which covers everything you will need to complete this game, including a complete walkthrough for every quest in detail, essentials which  explains every stat and every

Skyrim Remastered Grafix Comparison Overview

This Skyrim Remastered Grafix Comparison Overview hopes to go over the various differences of the game in terms of what's changed graphically in the older version of Skyrim versus the one which was just released a few days ago, Skyrim

Battlefield 1 tips and tricks

These Battlefield 1 tips and tricks are a collection of tips and even a bit of a guide which will help you to change from a casual player to a better player, possibly to become a hardcore player - but that's

Shave 2 minutes off timed Karazhan run

I discovered a nifty trick to Shave 2 minutes off timed Karazhan run, when I was running the timed run in the new Karazhan to summon Nightbane on my rogue. The trick is super simple to reproduce and most likely

APB Regoated Game Hack Download – APB Reloaded

APB Regoated Game Hack adds a lot of cheating functionality to All Points Bulletin. APB Regoated is one of the eldest running game hacks which is still running and kept updated. Currently, it's on v6 which was released a few

Pro Guide to Mercy – Overwatch

Suddenly, with the new Mercy skin we need a Pro Guide to Mercy for Overwatch. Why? Because more and more people are playing Mercy, but without the understanding to make the most of this toon. Having a fundamental understanding of Mercy

Affliction Warlock Gold Farming WoW Cheat

This Affliction Warlock Gold Farming WoW Cheat is simply amazing. There are people pulling in as little as 20k gold and some doing much higher, per hour. We can figure the this will not last long, and as much as I

ESP Aimbot Multihack – StarWars Battlefront

As with all game hacks, this ESP Aimbot Multihack for StarWars Battlefront included - use at your own risk. While they may not be detected now, that could change at any time. It should be noted that the gun features are

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source & Download

There are plenty of autoclickers out there, but most of them won't hold a click. This ProClicker AutoClick Macro will click and hold, then release with random durations. Now the author of this script, compiled it and gives it away,

Farm Herbs during Ley Race – WoW Cheat

Did you know, you can Farm Herbs during Ley Race? The advantage to this is that you can farm without anyone disturbing you, and that you won't need to dismount while herbing. The main disadvantages are not being able to

Time Walking Dungeon WoW Cheat

This Time Walking Dungeon WoW Cheat for World of Warcraft, will have you clearing these dungeons even faster than before. It won't last long, so get the knowledge, use it, abuse it, and keep using it till it gets nerfed. Time

AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons – WoW

I've spent the past couple of hours AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons (Artifact Power) on an alt with almost no gear (~800 ilvl) and a guild group of five running Timewalking dungeons, we are averaging about 250AP - 300AP per

Mythics Guide with Tips – WoW LEGION

In this Mythics Guide with Tips for WoW LEGION, we hope to cover the basics you need to know about Mythics plus some advanced tips which will help you to complete them a bit easier. These days, what with all the

Trove Passive Fishbot

This Trove Passive Fishbot doesn't have any fancy bootdrop or destroy and loot-collecting. It's meant to be for a quick botting session only - Grab a smoke, lunch, bathroom break, etc. It works well and is really useful if you want to fish

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu – Free Download

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu is an external tool/menu for Grand Theft Auto V, which works on PC games only. It provides many features including Teleportation, Heal, Fast Running, No Weapon Reload, and Freeze Ammunition. The full features are

CSGO Multihack Tool v6.5

CSGO Multihack Tool v6.5 was created for the latest release of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and was released on 07 October 2016. If there has been an update to CS:GO since this date, then this tool is obsolete. Status: UNDETECTED

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing – WoW Guide

With a little flipping, you can Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing. You'll need about 400 in fishing skill to be able to complete this feat. You'll also need a bit of time fishing up your the items you will be flipping

Trove AFK PVP Bot

This Trove AFK PVP Bot was actually created a while ago, but it still works, which is a testament to the way it was built. It was created with AutoHotKey - which you will need to download and install, in order

Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on Finding Trove Fishing Pointers. This works for any fishbot created for Trove, which allows you to manually enter in the fishing pointer address. A correct Trove Fishing Pointer should look like 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c. Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Instructions To start, you

Mage Spell Stealing cheat – WoW

This Mage Spell Stealing cheat is going to allow you to steal as much haste on your mage as you want. I was able to achieve 220% haste - which is unheard of! Mage Spell Stealing cheat Before I continue, let