Monthly Archives: November 2016

Eternal Bot for Pokemon Go

It's been a while since we published any bot, so today we present to you Eternal Bot for Pokemon Go. Eternal Bot is created by the Russian Eternal Team. It's got some nice features, but best of all, it will farm

Why I cancelled my Netflix account

I have to be perfectly honest here, the reason Why I cancelled my Netflix account wasn't because I was watching less of it. I have been enjoying the new content, that is the shows which Netflix is creating. It actually

Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot

The Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot does one thing, and only one thing. It plays the game for you, so that you can farm crates in the game, while AFK. If you love getting all the extra goodies from Rocket League,

Overwatch Aimbot – Free Download

This Overwatch Aimbot is a smoother version of the known Korean Overwatch Aimbot. It's basically the Korean Overwatch Aimbot, except that it was decompiled, then cleaned up, and smoothed out to make everything run better. It's not perfect, as it does

[WARNING] Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM

There is a new Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM going around which allows certain individuals to appear to be legit sources and then attempt to gain your login information for World of Warcraft - with a phone call. WARNING: Blizzard World

Ladder Climbing Guide – Heroes of the Storm

This Ladder Climbing Guide for HotS is a long journey, but easily obtainable, with a bit of work on your part. I myself, like many other players, came to detest ranked gaming, not understanding why I wasn’t climbing – so I decided

Battlefield 1 Multihack – ESP – Aimbot – Insta-Kill

This Battlefield 1 Multihack has quite a few features, but the most notable of them are the ESP - a bit like a radar hack, an Aimbot, and an Insta-Kill. The latter (insta-kill) should be used sparingly, as it's more detectable

EVE Online going Free2Play

On November 15th, EVE Online is going free-to-play. The MMO's developer CCP Games is in the final stages of preparing the game for its F2P rebirth, and to get us all ready they have released a trailer to entice new players into

Titanfall 2 ESP Game Hack

This Titanfall 2 ESP Game Hack is very simple to use. Simply download it, inject it with any injector, and start reaping the bonus of knowing where your enemies are, before they know where you are. Titanfall 2 ESP Game Hack

5x Size Trick – WoW Trick

In order to complete this 5x Size Trick, you will first have to start as a gnome. Now I don't mean literally a gnome. You can start as any race, but one step will be turning yourself into a gnome, and